Toxic Star Wars Fandom “Get Thrawn In” May 27, 2015 Part 2

A continuation from Part 1

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You have obviously taken my comments the wrong way and seem to be overreacting. You don’t seem to understand the goal. Giving Lucasfilm the creative freedom to do as they please in the canon is fine. We fully endorse creative freedom, but we want our old EU back as an alternate universe, and we want it continued, not cherrypicked or ended. I don’t see the need for us to sacrifice anything really.

Do you know how Firefly got its conclusion in the movie Serenity?  Do you know how tv shows have frequently stayed on the air?  Do you know how there are still Middle Earth Books being written.  This all comes from fan request and campaign.  We know
that we can write fanfiction.  That’s our Plan B, but obviously, our ability to write a is not quite the level of authors like Zahn, Denning, or Luceno.  We are in this for the long haul.  We will fight for the EU
for several years, and if we don’t have the EU back sometime probably in the next five or six years, we start Plan B.  We don’t want to give up the
universe that we love.  Yes we have the potential plans to write the stories ourselves, but I’m sure you would rather have Zahn write a new Thrawn book rather than a random fan out there without the credentials or the panache to write nearly as compelling a story.  If you received threats, we apologize.  That is not a tactic that we endorse as a whole.  I will reiterate again that there are bad apples in every group.  You can’t exactly blame someone for confronting you though when you invited them to your booth.  You openly asked for confrontation.  I think it says something that
you had only a single person even confront you when you opened up an invitation for such behavior. When you initiated this confrontational behavior,
we actually issued out our own message to our group just telling everyone to stay out of your way. In the post it was addressed that a letter was written to Disney claiming our group was planning on inciting violence.  At the end, he said that SWAG 77 probably didn’t really like us anyways due to some early collisions in the groups.  Please cut out the
innocent act.  You aren’t the only one who feels cyber bullied.  Several members of our group feel bullied by SWAG 77, and whether it was your
intention or not, some people have felt threatened by you as well, and they didn’t see a need to write to Disney claiming that SWAG 77 was planning
on inciting violence. They didn’t invite the group to confront them and then gather a force in case of confrontation.  We chose to avoid confrontation
and just stay clear.  I have just been trying to bridge this gap to help widen our both of our support groups.  You seem reactive and confrontational, so I can see that if there are members of your groups the same goals as my group, you are not the person to go through.  May the Force Be With You.


But see, I didn’t write a letter to Disney about you or your EU group…

Why would I waste my time on that silliness? Yeah, like your seriously that
important to prompt me to waste my time telling Lucasfilm about you when I am at a Celebration fan table only to talk about this campaign and showing our projects.

Really. That’s cowardice on your part. You need to get your facts straight.

Is this your page? Oh yeah, NO it’s not. Do I go on your page and say all
the stuff you just said above? No. I don’t. Because this page is about
THRAWN and getting him in Star Wars Rebels.

The pic is posted as an image of him being the Grand Admiral with a
Ysalamiri around his neck. The purpose of this image is to familiarize
new fans or casual fans about Thrawn and the Chiss and how they were
able to fend off Force users.

I think that is a good thing, don’t you?

Nitpicking on fans on pages you do not own with lies and deceit is not Star Wars fandom.

Star Wars fans educate new fans and casual fans about all of Star Wars. They
encourage them. All I see on MY PAGE is you posting diatribes about how
much better you are than me.

I think there is one Star Wars in its entirety that belongs to all the
fans and with that, I am going to support all the goals and encourage Disney Corporation and Lucasfilm Star Wars to Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels.

I think it is a worthwhile goal with the pursuit of positive fandom,
social media metrics and fun online activities where everyone can

You all need to have more confidence in yourself when demanding
any story out of an author. MOST authors are approachable. Even Timothy Zahn, James Luceno, and Troy Denning.  Most authors encourage budding new authors to build their stories from any series than to wait for them. If you say you’ve read all these EU books, then you should be more than capable of building another
story about fave topics. That’s what Daniel Wallace, Jason C. Fry, Tricia Barr, and Adam Bray do. In fact, John Jackson Miller on the SWAG 77 Podcast said to write your own stories…

Perhaps, if you were to write drabbles and drills with our method you could develop an EXCELLENT story. But you wouldn’t know unless you
tried. That is the basis of what the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 does online.

As I said, I’d promote the HELLO out of some THRAWN fan fiction as long as it is in the spirit of Star Wars and well-written.

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