Art interpretation from a Star Wars POV – Do you mean give a critique about any chosen piece of art published on Get Thrawn In from the perspective of a citizen/denizen of the Star Wars universe? Also, how would the critique of these artworks help get Thrawn into Star Wars Rebels? I’m unsure of the connection. Is it by showing that there is enough interest in Thrawn himself that it would drive fans into critiquing fine works of art!

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Great questions! For the second question, yes. We want to show that there is enough interest in THRAWN himself.  IRL what corporation would NOT want to sponsor art appreciation? Technically, the character’s actions are all about art.

Disney says it’s artistic in some way, right? Well, here’s a demonstrable character that operates on art. While Disney can pay for a new character design, THRAWN is low hanging fruit.

As far as how to critique our campaign’s “ARTFUL THRAWN THURSDAYS”, it is preferred that responses come from the denizens of Star Wars, if participants are willing. Some of the art posted are parodies of famous art like the Manet and Dali pieces. So a denizen approach is appreciated it.

Critiques and interpretations are needed to show Disney Lucasfilm that:

“See you can get people into major art appreciation with this character!  Think about the children who need to understand the art!”

Without those critiques or interpretations, the campaign is nice but a loud clanging bell like all others that cavil about Star Wars because the canon’s changed.

Our goal here is to have fun with this project and generate insightful, wistful and fun discussions with method of “positive fandom”.

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