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3. NOT TOO HARD: Join our 2 groups: 


Be a part of the planning committee for the Pitch we will send to Disney Lucasfilm. This experience is about fun and for a good cause. Participate with us on the online social media activities.


Classical music is presented each Monday

Fine works of art is presented each Thursday

Fan can analyze the pieces and pretend they are Thrawn with a twist.

5. HARD: Buy a T-shirt at Redbubble: The designs are by chissexual.

6. HARDER SIGN our petition at Change.org to tell Disney to #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels

7. HARDEST This is not JUST ABOUT THRAWN… It’s more than that. It’s about getting the Chiss race back into the canon by a positive fandom approach. We want a dialogue with Disney Lucasfilm to tell them that Thrawn and the Chiss characters are fun, and great stories can be told in the Star Wars Rebels timeline. All we need is 1 (or more, hopefully) story arcs told to show the world that these are great Star Wars characters. We know they are because SWAG 77 has tested performances and the post-production of the stories is exciting, expansive and at the level Star Wars needs to be.

8. Visit our FAQsQ&A section to see if your questions are answered. If not?  ASK us and we will try to answer it!

We know it’s good because this very famous voice actor who did the voice of Thrawn as a favor.

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