Fans did something to change #StarWars and no troll will ever take it away


The #GetThrawnIn campaign to get Grand Admiral Thrawn re-canonized started in January, 2015 after a troll attack. We had just finished interviewing Tom Kane, the voice actor for Yoda in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and I asked him to do a Thrawn impression. That’s when I knew, Thrawn needed to be on Star Wars.

Then the trolls attacked me trying to put me down on social media. Typical racist misogynoirity fare. The doxed me. That’s when I said to myself, “you want to see how to do a corporate campaign, WATCH ME!”

That was its start. Meager beginnings. Then a fan table at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim solidified the deal.

Dave Filoni said on the LIVE broadcast from SWCE that he worked Thrawn in for the fans. As far as my teams knows, we were the fans putting on quirky pressure: Get ChissD Ups, posting music and fine art, and Thrawn quotes to Lucasfilm every week.

Our goal was to ask Disney executives if they liked and appreciated fine are and classical music as they did in Fantasia movie.

Then we promoted the reading of books and classical music.

What corporation would not promote art and music appreciation? It was something we all can benefit from.

We may have not “planted” Thrawn in the minds of the Lucasfilm story group, but we did affect the Disney execs who pay the bills to reconsider and we know it.

Any fan that tries to take away this hard, long fought work is what has been done to me before as a Black woman several times over in my life and that is the nature of Star Wars fandom racist. I’ve seen it many times in my other ventures.

But aside from that, I had man young people join me in helping me and I take great offense in a cavalier flouncy fan to announce they know everything there is to fandom and their way is the only way.

Not true. They are non violent techniques unused by fans.

Lucasfilm knows they have a fan problem and they need to decide the kinds of fans they want. This will not be a buy out with more books or movies. No. This body will have to regulate its behavior online or simply, it will not survive.

Greed for information is not fandom. Having fun is.

It’s not fun when fans attack. That simple.

Therefore, we have to defend ourselves. is a great start.


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