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Grand Admiral Thrawn studied Slavin’s report on the destruction of the Syndualla ancestral home. Casualty reports were still coming in, but there were already nine confirmed dead and dozens more wounded. After meeting her, Thrawn had expected Captain Syndulla to try something, but even he had underestimated her. Despite her words, he assumed that a woman sentimental enough to risk her life for a family heirloom would be incapable of destroying her childhood home. Now he knew better.

He also knew how she had managed it, despite being locked in a cell. Slavin’s report mentioned an old C1P model with Imperial colors assisting the Rebels. Thrawn himself had seen it when they apprehended Captain Syndulla, but had dismissed it as unimportant. He should have known better. There were reports of unusual droid behavior in concert with Rebel activities on Lothal. Thrawn would not make the same mistake again. He issues a general alert for any C1Ps or oddly-behaving droids. It was unlikely that they would be able to acquire any intelligence from them, but sightings would likely be an indicator of some sort of impending Rebel attack.

Slavin might be in hysterics about the loss of his headquarters, but Thrawn had found the whole encounter to be quite fruitful. He had gained valuable insight into their opponents as well as a new piece for his collection. Setting down the report, Thrawn strolled to the display case to admire the Syndulla
Kalikori. It was deceptively simple, yet rich with meaning. Safe in his personal collection, it would preserve the Syndulla legacy long after Thrawn had destroyed the family. He rather doubted they would appreciate the honor.

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