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I do not like to RP on Tumblr at all with someone I do not know at all in any capacity. I RP on Twitter. I post on my Facebook page. I write my metas and headcanons on Tumblr and reblog shit.

I am contemplating moving all my headcanons and metas to WordPress.

My group is SWAG77, @igotswag77, a social media entertainment subsidiary of The Ariafya Universe. There is a way we choose to operate. Sexism, bigotry, racism, misogyny, misogynoirity, and hate is not one of them and is not a value in Star Wars fandom we promote. We’ve encounter a lot of it on Tumblr.

Since someone yelled at me for being verbose, I will cut it short which sounds mean:

If I speak to you =/= we are roleplay partners or that we’re RPing. You need to be a member of SWAG77 to seriously plot and RP with me. I have several storylines I am a member of and I RP them when I feel like it with my fellow SWAG77 members. Because members are busy, RP is slow atm. But that does not mean I’m not doing something else with my time.

If I review your blog and it’s missing a character sheet and how you play your muse, I probably will limit my conversation with you severely. You can speak to me, but you’ll probably have a cordial discussion. It’s still not RP to me. You can talk to anyone at any time.

I do not care what other THRAWN’s do, they can do what they want. They can do their story arcs, their fanfics, their whatever however they want. That’s not what I am doing. Do not force that on me. I will block you for that.

I am IN CHARACTER to the current canon with some EU elements added as needed. But that is not RP to me.

I am working on CINEMATIC THRAWN and trying to get Thrawn into a movie… MOVIE. While Live Action Television is good, I have not settled with that completely. Why can’t THRAWN be in a movie?

I have an Interactive Guide that speaks more to what I do >> HERE <<

I also have Metas, Headcanons and Fanfics dotted throughout this blog as tagged. Metas are tagged = “bluepapers”

Sorry due to how Tumblrers behave, especially toward my boss, all questions have been turned off. You can asked on Twitter or Facebook.

And since this is about business, we have all the business applications on this blog.

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