Roleplayers and fanfic writers ship me with whoever. Nevermind the fact that Disney is not into that for Thrawn. It would probably serve them to keep Thrawn ace/aro. Aliens connote an animal and bestiality is a rated XXX rating and grossly illegal. But times have changed. When is the last time an alien has beenContinue reading “Shipping”

OOC: If you hate the way I play this MUSE, IDC, I’m not changing it.

A lot of study has gone into setting up this muse to be presentable to key figures at Disney Lucasfilm since 2015 to influence them #GetThrawnIn #StarWars. We are using the art and music marketing ploy along with the Thrawn novels (Legends and Disney Canon) and some of Star Wars Rebels we feel will bestContinue reading “OOC: If you hate the way I play this MUSE, IDC, I’m not changing it.”

The New Thrawn Books: The tl;dr Version

hinerdsitscat: Book 1: Thrawn Empire: Thrawn, you might be a right bastard of an alien, but damned if you don’t get results. You’re promoted again! Thrawn: Can I take my translator with me? Eli Vanto: You really don’t need me to translate for you anymore. Thrawn: Oh no, help, I just forgot every word ofContinue reading “The New Thrawn Books: The tl;dr Version”

The Killiks

(An attempt to write an IN CHARACTER flash meta) KILLIKS, yes I know all about them. Where they come from exactly is unknown. They have swarm planets in The Unknown Regions. Some are in Chiss Space. It was well known they’d harvested the pollen every 1000 years +/- 500 years. One Chiss would not seeContinue reading “The Killiks”

Ender’s Game. Long story but there is a connection

OOC: I am a secondary blog and I am unable to reply as my blog. Do not disabuse yourself from thinking Lucasfilm will never pull from the Legends canon. The point of the Sanbra report is it says there are Sith Chiss on Thule. Many fans understand this possibility exists. Not just me. Will LFSGContinue reading “Ender’s Game. Long story but there is a connection”

2018 How this muse with be played

How This Muse Will Be Played Different roleplayers perform Thrawn in various ways. To be IN CHARACTER requires a great amount of knowledge of this well established Legends character. At least 10+ novels and comic books encompass the legacy this character has given for nearly 30 years. This character for Star Wars Rebels has beenContinue reading “2018 How this muse with be played”