SWAG77 Speculation of Thrawn’s Age

Aside from physics, this timeline graph suggests the ages of Thrawn. For the math to make sense and given the caveats of Earth-biased-time in science fiction, Thrawn’s age is the best-case scenario in the Star Wars timeline. This timeline is an extrapolation by inference from the available literature. This timeline is only his appearance andContinue reading “SWAG77 Speculation of Thrawn’s Age”

Imperial Star Destroyer Basics

This review is about how Star Destroyers enter the atmosphere and hover over land areas to block enemies’ activities.

Protected: PATREON: The Sith Chiss On Planet Thule

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Protected: SWAG77 Patreon Headcanon: The Patriarch Mitth’oora’kiord Planned Vurawn’s Life…Why?

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Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising Novel Spoilers & Thoughts

This may be a SPOILER to some people that will go to my Twitter (@ThrawnStarWars) to THRAWN ASCENDANCY: CHAOS RISING. Since, my device application is insufficient, I am unable to put content underneath the “READ MORE” line. I will segregate my prose.