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In 2015, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 created the Get Thrawn In campaign to influence Disney Lucasfilm to return Grand Admiral Thrawn into the canon. Once Thrawn came back in 2016, this site became fan-based and sometimes in character roleplay performance. 

To understand Thrawn in the way that most Star Wars fans rave about requires reading ONE of the Star Wars novels available in the Thrawn Shop.

Recommendation: Read Heir to the Empire to understand this character. The book is a quick read and helps most fans understand the Thrawn character.

SWAG77 calls our metas, the worldbuilding operations of a story — bluepapers, like whitepapers but blue.

Fans can write bluepapers, too. SWAG77 will share on Facebook and Twitter. We will share metas that coincide with SWAG77 guidelines and have links. SWAG77 may update for accuracy in Star Wars continuity and timeline.

Bluepapers SWAG77 will support:

  • Upgraded Legends stories to align with the Disney canon stories.
  • More Imperial and Chiss perspectives
  • Encourage fans to read Thrawn books.
  • Add the hashtag: #bluepapers

Thrawn’s Behavior:

Read more in the: Quick Guide for how SWAG77 roleplays the Thrawn muse.

Mitth’raw’nuruodo’s Private Reserve Collection can answer all your questions.

–may change without notice–

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Thrawn’s Most Famous Quotes

Learn about art…if you understand the art, you understand the species.

Thrawn, Heir To The Empire

Art mirrors the soul, from which tactics arise. One can see in artwork the strengths and weaknesses of those who created it.

Thrawn, Star Wars: Thrawn

To defeat an enemy, you must know them not simply their battle tactics…Their history. Philosophy. Art.

Thrawn, Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Let’s build something together.

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