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In 2015, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 created the Get Thrawn In campaign to influence Disney Lucasfilm to return Grand Admiral Thrawn into the canon. Once Thrawn came back in 2016, this site became fan-based and sometimes in character roleplay performance.  Like Thrawn, SWAG77 thinks fans should study and read. Refusal means Thrawn will beat someone.

Read a Thrawn book because illiterate, understanding this character becomes superficial. To understand Thrawn in the way that most Star Wars fans rave about requires reading ONE of the Star Wars books available at the Thrawn Shop.

Recommendation: Read Heir to the Empire to understand this character. The book is a quick read and helps most fans understand the Thrawn character.

SWAG77’s Thoughts On Star Wars Rebels:

SWAG77 Get Thrawn In campaign knew Thrawn retcon to his backstory, and he would be different. The release of Star Wars: Thrawn shows the changes made to Thrawn as a character. Thrawn has pupils in his eyes rather than filled red eyes and sclerae like a shark or rodent. The Lucasfilm art group decided on a different route to portray Thrawn. 

From the Disney Canon Thrawn books and Star Wars Rebels TV show, he is a Grand Admiral before the Star Wars: A New Hope movie. Long-time fans often thought Thrawn became a Grand Admiral between Star Wars: A New Hope and  Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. His rank and timeline change is the new Star Wars.

Another change in the Disney Canon, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin, is a Thrawn fanboy. There is no indication that Thrawn ever interacted with Tarkin in Legends Canon, but the Lucasfilm Story Group changed that in Star Wars Rebels. Why? The speculation is that the movie Rogue One and Tarkin took control over the Death Star from Director Orson Krennic. The Tarkin Doctrine and the Death Star build is not something Thrawn in the Legends Canon would agree to as militarily prudent. But the Emperor is convinced Death Star was necessary, and somehow, Thrawn is not a part of the Death Star battle. In the Disney Canon, Thrawn meets Tarkin early, but he is still not a part of the Death Star battle because he is absent without leave (AWOL).

The Chiss cultural rules are different from Legends to Disney canon. The Chiss called it peaceful watchfulness in the Legends Canon rather than preemptive strikes in the Disney Canon. Fans can entice Disney Lucasfilm to create Chiss cultural rules, such as the Chiss speak their home language, Cheunh to conceal what they say in front of humans. What would they conceal? 

SWAG77 calls metas, the worldbuilding operations of a story — bluepapers, like whitepapers but blue. Fans can write bluepapers, too. SWAG77 will share on Facebook and Twitter. Metas that coincide with SWAG77 guidelines add a link, and we will share. SWAG77 will update for accuracy in the timeline and continuity. To share, add the tag with the hashtag: #bluepapers.

Bluepapers SWAG77 will support:

  • Upgraded Legends stories to align with the Disney canon stories.
  • More Imperial and Chiss perspectives
  • Encourage fans to read Thrawn books.

Thrawn’s Behavior:

Thrawn is not casual, and he does not let loose. He does not understand why humans are jealous, selfish, and willfully ignorant.

SWAG77 debates why Thrawn would do what he does: Why would Thrawn take a Twi’lek Kalikori belonging to Hera Syndulla’s family? He knew what it was. He knew it by name. It suggests he already knew enough about Twi’lek culture to realize its importance. He discovers what the Kalikori means to a family — their warrior triumphs. The Kalikori shows the Twi’leks family history and their insecurities about the perception as primitive and oppressed – the correct word is despotism. So how do you beat an oppressed people that rebel against a superior force? Thrawn already knows how the Empire would do that and what it would entail. Once Thrawn knows, defeat is imminent.

Some fans fantasize about Thrawn sexually, forcing other fans to accept their ideas down their throats. SWAG77 will not answer these questions. The thrawn.movie site has a story arc that belongs to SWAG77. Lucasfilm’s storylines supersede any fans’ random fairytale imagination. Other Thrawn accounts are into personal insert-fulfillment, unable to separate fact from fiction. SWAG77 has a Thrawn X Sabine Wren website with a surface story that is different from the beginning. There are several twists in this story.

Mitth’raw’nuruodo’s Private Reserve Collection can answer all your questions.

–may change without notice–

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Thrawn’s Most Famous Quotes

Learn about art…if you understand the art, you understand the species.

Thrawn, Heir To The Empire

Art mirrors the soul, from which tactics arise. One can see in artwork the strengths and weaknesses of those who created it.

Thrawn, Star Wars: Thrawn

To defeat an enemy, you must know them not simply their battle tactics…Their history. Philosophy. Art.

Thrawn, Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Let’s build something together.

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