Grand Admiral Thrawn In Star Wars

The Portrayal of Mitth’raw’nurudo (Thrawn)

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The SWAG77 fan-fictions, metas and headcanons written about Grand Admiral Thrawn


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Because, SWAG77 wants all aspects of Thrawn in Star Wars to be artistically done.

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A Thrawn Quote

“There are evil things in this galaxy. Far more evil than the Empire, and far more dangerous to all living beings. We know of some, while of others we have heard only rumors. We need to know wheter the Empire…could be ally against them.”

Location 6919 Star Wars: Thrawn

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Thrawn Backstory

Grand Admiral Thrawn is the most consummate character in Star Wars for over 30 years. There are several story arcs SWAG77 pursues. Stay tuned to this site for the latest.

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