Strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of Chess?

Strange outrage by some fans; the only winning argument is not to speak. How about a friendly discussion on existentialism nihilism versus nihilism?

Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising Novel Spoilers & Thoughts

This may be a SPOILER to some people that will go to my Twitter (@ThrawnStarWars) to THRAWN ASCENDANCY: CHAOS RISING. Since, my device application is insufficient, I am unable to put content underneath the “READ MORE” line. I will segregate my prose.

Addendum for the Thrawn HoloNovels

As an admiral of any large navy, obtaining assets that minimizes the burden is part of planning a battle plan. Why aren’t the Mandalorians doing their “fair share”? Don’t assume. It seems as if they were told to not get involved.

How this works in Thrawn’s mind for this story.

The professionalism of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is Galactic Imperial NAVY military high command personnel. When it is time to bombard a planet, he will do it smoothly with a plan in battle.

Sith Empire

As the only true ally of the Sith Empire, the independent systems of the isolationist Chiss Ascendancy occupy a unique position within Imperial power structures. Mandalorians serve the Empire for wealth and conquered factions submit out of fear, but the Ascendancy aligned itself with the Empire for mutual benefit. The exact details of this agreementContinue reading “Sith Empire”

Re: Mandalorians

bokatan77: OUT OF CHARACTER:This machine is called a “Force Detector” used by Emperor Palpatine’s Jedi Hunters to find Force Users. There are several instances in the movies and SWEU that there are machines, crystals and organisms that detect Force Users. In the movies, it was through direct blood measurement of MidiChlorians by Jedi. There wasContinue reading “Re: Mandalorians”

Thrawn on Batuu about Din’kartay

Thrawn on Batuu about Din’kartay Fan art by TatianaMilkyWay Thrawn needed provisions from a developed, first world planet different from the isolated planet lost in the Unknown Regions for any sentient society. But not one directly affiliated with the Empire or the rumors he’s heard, First Order. He could procure weaponry, ships and component parts.Continue reading “Thrawn on Batuu about Din’kartay”