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Source: Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77)Timothy Zahn LOVED Thrawn Bunny – SWAG77 WA state SummerCon News

My Mandalorian Armor

Side Trip by Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole. Art by Chris Trevas

Yes. I forged my Mandalorian Armor when I obtained from Jodo Kast. I created to my own liking. Fixed the blaster scorch marks. I weatherized so that my targets has no idea I am a Chiss. I am not a Mandalorian. But no one on my mission knew it was me.

My group knows that I, Thrawn, obtained the armor from Jodo Kast, who is not Mandalorian. I gave him a better reputation than his bravado. How do I know this? My group, SWAG77, spoke to the author Michael Stackpole on Instagram, recently.

At some point, my group will write a headcanon or fan-fiction.

Thrawn’s RK-3 Blaster: When Did He Get It?

On Instagram, a Grand Admiral Thrawn fan poses a very interesting question from the Legends canon book, The Outbound Flight, see below:

Disney Lucasfilm uses RK-3 blaster pistols for Thrawn as shown in this current canon images. RK-3 blaster pistols were built by a fictional company, Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. weapons for the Imperial Military.

Why is this blaster pistol important for this discussion? What would drive this aspect of Thrawn’s story? Because the RK-3 blaster pistol at this time is stronger than the current Chiss weapons, such as the Charrics.

When did Thrawn get his blaster-pistol? Before he joined the Empire (~11 BBY), or at the time he became a Grand Admiral (~3-4 BBY)?

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Imperial Star Destroyer Basics

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) ask questions about Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Flagship, The Chimaera. Thrawn made modifications to the Imperial Star Destroyer class I (Disney canon) when he became the ship’s commanding officer, Commodore. The only modification that fans can see is the ventral hull with his family’s emblem, the Chimaera, a monstrous three-headed creature represented with spider legs, multiple stalked eyes, and two serpentine heads perched atop long barbed necks (source).

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Flagship, The Chimaera

However, Thrawn’s Chimaera engraved emblem on the ventral hull is not the only modification that Thrawn added to his Imperial Star Destroyer. There must be more. What more? What modifications?

SWAG77’s hypothesis is modifications to the engines and their components, as well as hyperdrives and thrusters. Modified weapons are present, but not turbolasers overall functions, but in composition and engineering tolerance ranges. Turbolasers turrets fire plasma but can fire more plasma that the overall heat energy overload does not shutdown the weapons. We will discuss these modifications further in a separate post. Stay tuned.

We need basic information on Star Destroyers overall. 

This review is about how Star Destroyers enter the atmosphere and hover over land areas to block enemies’ activities.

In Star Wars Legends’ Canon, Star Destroyers never entered the planetary atmosphere. They docked in high orbit and used shuttles to travel to the surface of a planet. We have seen Star Destroyer dock in high orbit in recent movies and TV programs. The prime examples in the movies Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rogue One. The writers kept high orbital Star Destroyer docking in the Disney canon originally in Legends’ Canon.

Orbital Landing Docks Above Planets

Santhe Shipyards on Corellia ISD assembly
high above in Star Wars Solo: A Star Wars Story

However, there has been confusion in search and literature about whether Star Destroyers can enter a planet’s atmosphere and “land” on the surface of a planet. There is no mention of Star Destroyers landing on a planet’s surface in Legends’ and Disney’s canon. In the Clone Wars, fans see that the Venator and Acclimator classes of starships can land on a planet’s surface.

This question and comment on Reddit did not age well.

Still, The Venator Ships land on planets and they are smaller in size to Imperial-class I Star Destroyers that do not land on planets, at this moment.

What Imperial Star Destroyers do is enter a planet’s atmosphere and hover over land. Two images show the Imperial class-I Star Destroyer, Dauntless, with two vantage points. The following two and youtube video images show Imperial class-I Star Destroyers hovering over Lothal with large spotlights (picture A) and Grand Admiral Thrawn’s 7th Fleet Star Destroyers when Thrawn fired on the Lothal city (picture B). The image examples from Disney’s canon show Star Destroyers hover over land in the atmosphere.

The Imperial Star Destroyer Dauntless hovering over the Holy City on the Jedha Moon in Rogue One.

Star Wars Imperial class-I Star Destroyers hovering over Lothal

From Everything Star Wars

So, in the Legends’ Canon, Star Destroyers never go in a planet’s atmosphere (unless crashing into the planet) and never landing on planets. In Disney Canon, Clone Wars Venator (possibly Acclimator) Starships could land on a planet’s surface. In the Star Wars Rebels TV Show and the movies, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rogue One, Star Destroyers do can enter the planet’s atmosphere and they hover over a city in the planet’s atmosphere as a blockade.

Now for the special modifications of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s ISD Flagship, The Chimaera before “destroyed” by Ezra Bridger’s Force Powers and Purrgil Space Whales jumping into hyperspace to an unknown planet in the Unknown Regions.

“Artful” — the definition means something

Thrawn has taste in his art analyses. When he views art, he devises his plans to counter the culture that he has been ordered to defeat militarily. He knew how they thought based on their art based on history and philosophy. Art reveals one’s personality and thereby, exposes the sociality of a culture and the reasons they think the way they do.

In Star Wars: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn
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The second definition of “artful” is…

Thrawn is quite clever in a cunning way. His military career achievements are about how he outmaneuvers his opponents. He does not accomplish everything, but he does how he builds his military strategy and tactics through art, is skillful.

In conclusion, the “ARTFUL THRAWN” program by the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) showcases real life masterpieces on the Thrawn Twitter account to educate some Star Wars fans about how the character would analyze art. We leave the interpretation of these masterpieces to fans to decide what it means. But it helps a few Thrawn Star Wars fans to gain an appreciation and knowledge of historical and contemporary art. This program has been a hallmark activity of the “Thrawn In A Movie” campaign.

Pretty much like this below from Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 17 “Through Imperial Eyes” in 2017:

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