SWAG77 Thrawn NAV Coordinates

You might be unable to find EZRA BRIDGER or me in The Unknown Regions for now, but you can find me on social media per this list below:

Patreon: https://patreon.com/SWAG77/

SWAG77 transferred Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars from Tumblr because that platform deletes accounts without notice. Below is the informal “Get Thrawn In” site:

Tumblr: https://getthrawnin.tumblr.com

Most activity occurs on Facebook and the a group. If you are on Facebook and would like to join the group, please indicate that you were referred from this site as Thrawn.movie, LIKE the page, and answer the questions:

Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/ThrawnStarWars

#ThrawnInAMovie Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThrawnStarWars

The main SWAG77 roleplay (RP) performances take place on Twitter. If you have an account on Twitter, please understand that this Thrawn account is posting IN CHARACTER and answers IN CHARACTER as described in our SWAG77 Interactive Guide. If Out Of Character (OOC) mentioned before a post (sometimes OOC is represented as “//”) that means the account is sharing point of view from the person portraying Thrawn and not the Thrawn RP character.

There is a difference. You must recognize this difference. If you refuse to recognize it, this Thrawn account will decide to MUTE or BLOCK interaction.

The Thrawn account cannot tolerate overpowered poorly defined RP characters which most unaffiliated Original Characters (OCs) RP as, OR random accounts assume what this Thrawn account post refers to REAL LIFE (RL) when the post is IC.

The misinterpretation of RP Thrawn vs OOC RL Thrawn posts arises when an unaffiliated account refers to Thrawn as a villain and the social media performance design for portrayal of this Thrawn account does not think he is a villain while IC. Therefore, while in IC Thrawn will question a “Thrawn is a villain” type of comment. The person portraying this account might agree that Thrawn is a villain like any other fan. But Thrawn as performed IC will never admit to being a villain. This kind of SWAG77 performance is the social media performance design by SWAG77. The information above is one example.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ThrawnStarWars

In all the social media NAV COORDINATES: PLEASE read the ABOUT SECTIONS before interactions. Lucasfilm does not pay SWAG77 to perform any RP character or fan account. Hence, SWAG77 is completely unaffiliated with Lucasfilm, and has the right to perform how this and other characters according to our social media performance design.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 provide to our members a character design within the Star Wars canons for storytelling and roleplay performance. SWAG77 does not consider casual interactions as RP. This Thrawn account will not engage more than 10 to 25 posts to be be metagamed by an unaffiliated account in RP. Only SWAG77 members can do that. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 wants strength, accuracy and authenticity in our performances. This Thrawn account does not want your boyfriend, insert romantic fulfillment, or reckless overpowered from unaffiliated members. Do not assume that you understand SWAG77 RP processes because we do not share that aspect with unaffiliated accounts. What the public sees on social media is a formalized performance, not creative process development unless that person is a filmmaker, script writer, author, actor or in production.

Star Wars Actors Guild 77 follows the 1983 Writer’s Guild of America, East Professional Writers Teleplay/Screenplay Format and 1996 Irwin R. Blacker, The Elements of Screenwriting: A Guide for Film and Television Writing. Adaptation for social media entertainment and performances used these references. Other references from magazine articles have been incorporated over time.

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