This blog writes fanfictions and the full (or WIP stories) are on AO3 (archiveofourown). Most headcanons and metas are on this blog. Some information has to be password protected due to the controversial nature of the content. To gain access to these posts, consider joining our Patreon. This blog of Thrawn is based on our interpretations of all the official Star Wars literature, Legends, and Disney Canon of the novels. AppleBooks sells novels. Thrawn.movie is a site that is part of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) under the business, Ariafya LLC.

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Our stories are not about fan validation. A fan can agree with them, or not. A fan can hate our stories and finds them disagreeable, vehemently, but the minute there is a logical fallacy against our stories, we will block a fan. It is not fair to attack our stories on a personal level. We have the right to freedom of expression. If a fan does not comprehend and chooses not to read or review our blog, we do not have to explain it to a fan’s satisfaction. Our blog does not operate in that manner. This space is our place to write our perspectives grounded in the Legend and Disney Canon material and expand more adult narratives that we wish to explore. Basically, this space is THRAWN’S space. The mentality of our mundanes are here to support SWAG77 stories conflicts and plots. There are other blogs, groups and places fans can find their spaces to express their thoughts. We welcome and encourage fans to cultivate their own voice for performance and presentation. However, should a fan choose to involve themselves in SWAG77’s activities, we have our story foundations set for our performances and presentations.

Our blog may seem harsh because we are forged from a harsh place that has fought an uphill battle. At SWAG77, we basically feel fans should want to help us to create CINEMATIC THRAWN through a fan-based positive campaign. If a fan does not agree to do that, then that is what this blog does, regardless.

But before writing SWAG77 off, READ our headcanons and metas, and see if what is liked and not liked. While our metrics and insights gauge what fans like, we observe the “personal perspective.” However, harsh fandom hate, scares fans from speaking their mind, even when it is a creative idea. SWAG77 is built on creative ideas. With that aspect, “May the warrior’s fortune be with you.”

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