Grand Admiral Thrawn Character Sheet and Brief Biography

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LFL Grand Admiral Thrawn Official Dossier

Species/Race: Chiss: Blue skin, Black-blue hair color, red sclera and red cornea (red-in-red eyes)

Name: Thrawn (Star Wars galaxy core name) or Mitth’raw’nuruodo (official Chiss name)

Sex:  Male

Year of Birth:  unknown

Age:  unknown (mid-late 40’s by human standards)

Home Planet: Csilla: Chiss homeworld in Chiss space

Current Residence: In Galactic Empire Space

Ship:  Star Destroyer

Faction Allegiance: Galactic Empire and Chiss Ascendancy

Profession:  Military Leader, Admiral, Grand Admiral

Armor: Mandalorian Beskar’gam made to look like aliit.

Weapon(s): MerrSonn Power5 Blaster

Miscellaneous Item(s):  Collections of Holographic Art and Real Art Pieces

Biography: Thrawn serves in the Galactic Imperial Navy and despite the Empire’s strict non-human laws, Thrawn is the only non-Human Grand Admiral. He is renowned for his lack of concern for personal glory, wanting only to defeat the enemies of the Empire. Thrawn chooses to lead by promoting creativity and boosting morale among the forces.

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