First Image of Thrawn X Sabine


Grand Admiral Thrawn knew emotions were useless. But when he analyzed Sabine Wren and her rebellious freedom in her art he awoke to enlightenment to set the essence of his being on fire.

(via Saawariya – Artistically Done Across the Stars)

It’s okay, you can hate us (more) after the SWR episode airs. We also know that a few powerhouse Star Wars fans (Eleven Thirty Eight, Dash Star Wars), and TBH some of LFL  have seen this image, remarked on it, and while they may disagree with the idea of shipping, they do find this image provocative (blame Panda 😉 ) and hilarious. 

So we’re calling this one early, and even if we’re wrong, we don’t care about that. That’s the shipping game. Tell us more on bit.ly/starwarstinder


Yeah, its a sugardaddy type deal. It doesn’t means Sabine is turning into a villain. It means that well, sometime older men just fall the fuck hard in love… Seems about the only woman to tame someone as powerful as Thrawn. Oh and yes, we’re working on the fanfic on AO3.

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