We the Star Wars fans got Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitt’raw’nuruodo), a Star Wars Legends/Star Wars Expanded Universe (#SWEU) character returned to canon of Star Wars, specifically, #StarWarsRebels.

REASONS (there are many but here are a few):

1) It is THRAWN and because he is a badass villain.

2) What can you say – BLUE PEOPLE! Disney loves blue people!

3) We all know that the Emperor, Darth Vader, and Tarkin in the show, Star Wars Rebels are going to have trouble with the excellent piloting skills of Hera Syndulla, the Force use of Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger and the Mandalorian prowess of Sabine Wren, and the army tactics of Zeb Orrelios.

The lead characters are all creatives that are putting their efforts forward and rebelling against an oppressive Empire.

Perhaps it is time for an “ART CRITIC” to come in as a
consultant for the Empire do a damage assessment and efficiency
exercise to eliminate these creatives and the Rebel threat.


5) He can be a boon to the Rebel Fleet because he can outmaneuver them with strategy and tactics.

6) THRAWN is an awesome character to have in recurring story arcs of Star Wars Rebels because he also keeps the Empire at bay with his people in the Unknown Regions that the Empire has little access to but through him. He is like the Star Wars version of “Star Trek’s famous Vulcan, Spock” in that he uses his species (CHISS) logic, albeit for more unsavory reasons, unlike Vulcans who use their intelligence for good for the most part.

Moreover, it can be used as a crossover to THE FORCE AWAKENS because he would be fighting a shadowy hidden battle with an alien threat species, the #YuuzhanVong.

7) Despite what you think of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77), the fact is, we do love the EU, but we also like positive Star Wars fandom through non-violent action. Our campaign used social media through social justice channels that Disney Lucasfilm saw the efficacy of returning this fictional character back into the official Lucasfilm Star Wars canon, specifically the Star Wars Rebels timeline, continuity and story arc.

We PITCHED this idea to Disney Lucasfilm despite the current contracts. We felt that strong social media metric persuaded Disney Lucasfilm to reconsider this character THRAWN.

Our abundant collection of data: roleplay story arcs, character sheets, financial budgets, social media campaign, voice actor work and videos MERIT a pitch.

This blog is our pitch bible.

So what we are requesting all Star Wars fans to do is to SIGNAL BOOST our messages on their social media channels wit the hashtag: #ThrawnInStarWars.

It took 2 years to bring this project into fruition, but it was a positive, non-violent and compassionate fandom campaign that supported and promoted all of Star Wars.

Thank you for your consideration.

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