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(Or how we play our MUSE)

In 2016, SWAG77 shifted this blog, the “Get Thrawn In Campaign” (re-canonization of Thrawn from Legends) on Tumblr to a partial roleplaying (RP) blog on WordPress that shared to Facebook and Twitter. Both social media accounts are IN-CHARACTER.

Based on our research, how we portray and roleplay our muse, Thrawn, in this manner :

Fans take the initiative to understand our muse – Thrawn character and how we play him by reading this blog.

Fans study and research the latest literature, media, and conversations on our Discord for less confrontation in public.

Fans avoid public conflict when we act in our muse’s best interests – we are always trying to maintain an IN CHARACTER ecosystem when that deviates; we can no longer serve our best interests.

Fans must be willing to follow our goals and learn from us that SWAG77 is a business first, and the goal is to KEEP THRAWN IN CANON and support Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars and their decisions.

If fans refuse, Thrawn will beat them.

We have several activities going on for SWAG77 simultaneously, and Thrawn as a muse is not the only character we do.

This account is NOT a personal account to share shopping lists and emotional feelings – we are only about the most optimal portray and roleplay of Thrawn from all the literature, media, and SWAG77 fan discussions – that is our primary objective. It is SWAG77s job to find ways to pay for that activity.

We do not do this with all fans, mainly if they delusionally attack us. Some fans want to challenge actions to belittle our muse, Thrawn. Only SWAG77 members who play canon characters can do that. We do not accept non-canon or original characters (OC) to go against us at this time. We accept OC’s, but they will NEVER be in verbal or physical roleplay combat with this character.

There are issues with OCs that go beyond the point of this post. But in general, most OCs are too overpowered, which often leads to godmodding, metagaming, and puppeteering, and we roleplay by story arc script when we are not in portrayal mode. We do not follow someone else’s fantasy storyline, definitely not fantasy wish-fulfillment, and we are uninterested in out of multiverse or contemporary portrayals.

BLUNT: If you have not READ ONE Star Wars Thrawn novel, then as a character understanding him will be completely superficial.

The majority of Star Wars fans read one Star Wars novel to rave about him.

Expect most fans have read Heir to the Empire for a quick study of the character. It is an easy read, and many of our quotes from this novel. We also use The newer canon books are also used.

Star Wars: Thrawn Series Books 1 – 3 Collection Set by Timothy Zahn (Thrawn, Alliances & Treason)

Thoughts On Star Wars Rebels Season 3 and 4

We knew the retcon of Thrawn and his backstory would be changed. The new novel’s release, Thrawn and Thrawn Ascendancy (Chaos Rising, Greater Good, Lesser Evil), was modified. Seasons 3 and 4 how Lucasfilm Star Wars implemented these changes in the Star Wars Rebels.

Significant changes from Legends Thrawn to the television show: 

Thrawn has pupils in his eyes, whereas in Legends, his eyes have entirely red sclera like a “shark” or “rodent.” Some Star Wars Rebels artists decided to go a different route.

Thrawn is a Grand Admiral before the Star Wars “A New Hope” movie, thought in Legends that Thrawn became a Grand Admiral at Star Wars “Empire Strikes Back,” not before “ANH.” The change in when he received his final rank in the timeline is the “long game” story that Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars plays.

Governor Wilhuff Tarkin is a Thrawn fanboy. In Legends, there is no indication that Thrawn interacted with Tarkin, but the Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars Story Group changed that in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 episodes.


We can only speculate: It has to do with Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars’ transition of Thrawn from animation to LIVE-ACTION, which starts with the film, Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One, and how Tarkin gained control of the Death Star from Director Orson Krennic.

Moreover, in Legends, Tarkin’s doctrine and the Death Star build are not something Thrawn in the Legends would think militarily prudent. The Emperor believed that the Death Star was necessary, and somehow, Thrawn is not in the battle aboard the Death Star.

In Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars canon, Thrawn does not necessarily like the idea of a superweapon such as the Death Star, but he thinks in duty is purely to protect his people, the Chiss, as we see in the novel Lesser Evil.

In the Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars canon, the known Chiss cultural rules appear to have shifted from Legends: the concept of “Peaceful Watchfulness” how the cultural impacts on characters can depend on what we fans decide to do. Such as, in roleplay, we can speak Cheuhn when we want to discuss top-secret information.

What concepts we will support:

Our speculations and timelines are rooted in Legends with upgrades and current canon content.

Our main upgrades will be perspectives from Imperials and Chiss, not only Rebels only, which most Legends books have. The current Star Wars Rebels most easy-going fans create mary-sues of the lead characters, and we want fans to rethink more about the story.

Some Star Wars fans are ILLITERATE about Thrawn. It always ends with us educating fans on social media when they refuse to read. Some fans think his behavior is casual and “letting loose.” He is a Chiss, and he comprehends some human emotions, such as jealousy, selfishness, and arrogance. But relaxing is not one of them. Fans must understand Thrawn calculates his steps to beat his opponents. He does not make mistakes; he finds solutions to his mistakes without apologizing, which is a Chiss trait. Thrawn is NOT human.

Below is how we speculate and debate Thrawn’s actions:

Thrawn takes a Twi’lek Kalikori that belongs to the Syndulla family; Hera is a member of that family.

1. Thrawn knew what the Kalikori is. He knew it by name, which suggests he has already extensively studied Twi’lek culture to realize the importance of the Kalikori.

2. He discovers the Kalikori’s meaning to a family, which is their warrior triumphs and past family members.

3. Thrawn sees the Twi’leks culture and their insecurities about being seen as primitives and oppression – the correct word is despotism.

So how do you beat a people who feel they are oppressed and constantly rebel against a superior force?

Thrawn already knows how and what that would entail.

We do not enjoy mary sue fantasizing fans who force supercilious folly down our throats. Such as, Thrawn has sex with anyone and lays eggs for his children to grow. We refuse to answer those kinds of questions.

This blog has a story arc that belongs to SWAG77. We will stay close to Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars’ storyline that supersedes any random delusional fairytale.

Other roleplay Thrawn accounts fulfill a fairytale need; we are not it.

We have a Thrawn X Sabine Wren account and researched and vetted to support our story. Many fans lie about us, and everything about these fans is untrue. Our stories have twists, angst, and sometimes end badly.

–may change without notice–

-latest updated January 20, 2022-

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