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We’ve shifted our blog from “Get Thrawn In” or recanonized to a partial IN CHARACTER roleplaying blog that shares to Facebook and IN CHARACTER account on Twitter.

Our belief is like Thrawn’s, he expects all his people to step up and study and read. If you refuse, then you are basically saying you want him to BEAT you out of any successes you think you have earned.

BLUNTLY: If you have not read ONE of the Star Wars Legends Thrawn book, then Thrawn as the character will be lost to you and your understanding of him will be completely superficial. To understand Thrawn in the way that most Star Wars fans raved about requires reading ONE of the Star Wars Legends boks.

Most new Thrawn fans read Heir to the Empire and gain a quick study of the character. It is an easy read and many of our memes are born out of the quotes from this book.

Thoughts On Current Star Wars Rebels Season 3

We knew that some info of Thrawn would be retconned and his backstory would be changed. The release of the new novel, Thrawn suggests some changes and the reasons for the changes.

Major changes in the television show: 

Thrawn has pupils in his eyes, whereas, his eyes use to be filled red sclera like a “shark” or “rodent”. Some Star Wars Rebels artists decided to go a different route.

Thrawn is a Grand Admiral before the Star Wars “A New Hope” movie. It was thought that Thrawn became a Grand Admiral at the time of Star Wars “Empire Strikes Back”, not before “ANH”. His rank timeline change means little in the “long game” story of Star Wars.

Governor Wilhuff Tarkin is a Thrawn fanboy. There is not much indication that Thrawn ever interacted with Tarkin, but the Lucasfilm Story Group changed that in Star Wars Rebels season 3 episodes. Why? We can only speculate, but it has to do with Rogue One and how Tarkin gained control of the Death Star from Director Orson Krennic. Moreover, Tarkin’s doctrine and the Death Star build is not something Thrawn in the Legends would agree as militarily prudent. But the Emperor was convinced that the Death Star was important, and somehow, Thrawn is not in the battle aboard the Death Star.

All the known Chiss cultural rules appear to be different; such as “Peaceful Watchfulness”.  How the cultural impacts on characters can depend on what we fans decide to do. Such as, speaking in Cheuhn when information we want revealed appears top secret.

Posting “blue papers” of Thrawn in our metas. We are also looking for metas that the audience may have. We will share metas we agree with our larger audiences on Facebook and Twitter. Should meta fan pieces already exist, please consider sharing a link with us, and update them for timeline and continuity. Add the tag: #bluepaper in the tags.

What we will support:

We are rooted in Legends with upgrades.

We will provide a more Imperial and Chiss perspective for all Rebel perspectives – we do this because it makes the current Rebel lead protagonists less fairytale mary sues and makes most fans rethink their positions about story.

What we have seen is a lot of ILLITERACY about Thrawn. We need social media tasks to educate the audience who refuses to read. His behavior is rarely casual and “letting loose”. He rarely slips up. Some acts he gets, especially when humans are jealous, selfish and purposely ignorant.

Make debates about WHY Thrawn would do what he did: Such as why would Thrawn take a Twi’lek Kalikori belonging to Hera Syndulla’s family?

First, he knew what it was. He knew it by name…That suggests he already knew enough about Twi’lek culture to realize its importance. Second, he discovers what the Kalikori means to a family, which is their warrior triumphs. It is tied to the Twi’leks and their insecurities about being primitive and oppressed – the correct word is despotism. So how do you beat an oppressed people that are rebelling against a superior force? Guess what? Thrawn already knows how they would do that and what it would entail.

If we don’t want woefully mary sue fantasizing fans to force down our throats… We won’t answer any of those kinds of questions. This blog has a story arc that belongs to SWAG77.  We will be following Lucasfilm’s storyline and our storylines that supercede any fans random fairytale imagination. There are other Thrawn accounts that fulfill that fairytale need. We are not it. Our Thrawnbine account is not about what is surface led to believe. It never has been that way to most of our stories that have twists.

–may change without notice–

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