2017: What SWAG77 Does For Fans. Why do we do it? I wish I never came up with Get Thrawn In. You all will be where you are with Mara Jade now. Complaining.

In 2017 before the Star Wars Thrawn book was released, only Star Wars Rebels showed Thrawn that differed from the one in HTTE. SWAG77 has always purported reading the Legends books about Thrawn. The books have a lot of insights who Thrawn is. His demeanor and mannerisms. Not really the whole personality as this what changed in the new canon books. But TTT was cherry picked. Understanding that does not mean that the Legends books about Thrawn should be avoided.

Why we fought back? Because that was some dumb stuff written and homeboy needed to know that. Who else will correct him. But see, fanboys cry when they get corrected by long-time fans who know how the overall story will be released.

Here’s the thing, we know direction of how these stories are told. To say Filoni doesn’t know says you haven’t seen him attending Mandalorian Mercs parties at Star Wars Celebrations. So what you THINK you know about Filoni and Star Wars and you hate him, is just wrong. Without him, hardly ANY starwars would be produced after the ROTS and the microseries.







LOL! He’s crying because he knows I’m right. His Thrawn theory sucks.


No, this is CANON-BASED Fandom Intelligence.

“Heir to the Empire” is not Canon.

Stop denigrating people as CASUAL when you can’t even be bothered to keep up with New Canon.

You are getting more and more childish by the minute. Why do you care so much about his own personally theory about Thrawn? Why are you so ignorant about what is cannon and not cannon?

There is history here. History you are dumb about. It has to do with the @igotswag77. Since you don’t know that tidbit of history, then I don’t expect you to understand, at all. Which means, it’s none of your business. 

Now that you HAD to force your way into this conversation, let’s just say, long-time fans who have spent $1 billion dollars to keep the Star Wars fandom afloat during dark times after 1983 and read all the books, comics, games, reference books, online for Hyperspace, participated in very expensive functions like Celebration have been EXCLUDED by fans who jumped haphazardly in 2015 acting like your boy here.

You may not care. That’s fine. But it is fucked up. And that makes you a fucked up fan. And no one wants that. If you spent the kind of time we do now,  and did for the amount of work we have done for Star Wars and Lucasfilm on general principle, you would not say half the bullshit you are running off at the mouth. 

We did not say fuckshit you just said, it’s is not as simple as canon vs non-canon. It’s about continuity and timeline and over all tone of Star Wars. Your boy doesn’t get it because he’s NOT well-read. You don’t say you are a surgeon when you haven’t read one surgery book, taken one surgery class, and completed one surgery. It’s the same thing when your friend is popping off as an authoritarian for Star Wars which the bulk of the Star Wars dot com books and fan groups NEVER say: Like 501st, like Mando Mercs, like TFN, like Rebel Force Radio, like SWU, like Collieder, like Wookieepedia…

Fix that. Are you going to celebration in Orlando? Your POV changes after Celebration. We have a fan table there. 

One you are not being very nice like your tags claim. Also you’re posting these things in the Star Wars Rebels tag where everyone can see and read it so how is it not my business?

Two how am I a fucked up fan for bringing up the fact that things like the Heir to the Empire books are no longer canon. You bring up continuity and timeline but the old canon material was completely fucked up in that regard. Books contradicted each other and made a mess of the timeline. 

Also how are you being excluded? You can still go to these events and enjoy them. You don’t deserve to go more just because you’ve been a fan longer. 

Furthermore, you haven’t ‘done’ anything for Lucasfilm, you didn’t write the stories, you weren’t the one who poured your heart and soul into the works created. You are merely a consumer, Lucasfilm and Star Wars owes you and your ‘people’ nothing. One fan is not more deserving of anything over another. You cannot say a fan is bad because they don’t consume as much media as another. We are all fans of Star Wars and are allowed to have our own thoughts and theories about the stories being told. 

And yes this is about canon verses non canon because all the hate you’re throwing is because you think a theory is wrong based on NON CANON material.

No I am not because I am a broke college student who can’t afford a plan ticket, hotel, food, and the ticket for the event. And even if I was I would not go anywhere near your table. 

Yes. I am not nice…anymore.

Are you telling fans not to read…a book?

You just did exclude me with your comments.

That’s funny. Who do you think does fan tables for Celebration? All the rest you wrote, I don’t understand.

This vs: maybe you’re right. But since most of the comments, feels, looks, lighting, behaviors of Thrawn comes out of this “NON CANON” material you demoted and denigrated, then perhaps theories need to be reconsidered that includes these “old no longer counts material”. Perhaps. IJS.

Are those excuses you are using to justify your attack on us?

There are at least 100+ tables there, and 500+ exhibitors. I would not expect a visit by you. But since our Death Star putt putt went over well, who knows, you might win something. I know families loved our table. And the lightsaber bubble machine… that was fun.

But see fans like you…well, that what makes Celebration better – the fans and it feels good.

I did not say that. I said they’re not considered canon anymore. Big difference. 

When did I ever demote it? I just said it was non canon so didn’t have anything to do with the theories and such since Filoni doesn’t have to go off of how the books go. 

How exactly did I exclude you?

I honestly have no clue what this has to do with anything but whatever.

I did not say the book is NOT CANON anymore, either. I said the book needs to be read. Your friend thinks differently. Ask your friend than me. Big difference.

You demoted it when you FIRST POSTED TO ME. 

“I just said it was non canon so didn’t have anything to do with the theories and such since Filoni doesn’t have to go off of how the books go.”

Sorry, but I wholly disagree, strongly. Filoni took a pic of the book end. He used a LARGE part of Heir to the Empire and a few others. So you can say you disagree and we will argue point for point. But your friend’s theory is bogus because he thinks the Emperor and Darth Vader don’t light up or decapitate Imperials when the modus operandii of these 2 characters is to eradicate inefficiency. And Thrawn HAD a desk job at Prefsbelt IV in the library.  But I guess you don’t know that because basically, you tell fans not to read…books.   If it doesn’t come to you in a 25 minute cartoon, then I guess it means nothing… At least that’s what you’re posting now.

And the fact you’d challenge me as if you know every fucking thing on Star Wars and support someone who promotes ableist attacks that bashes my friend’s business is lame. This is done. Our paths don’t need to cross. You will NEVER be a supporter and you support and endorse bigots. We never had your support.

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