It does get hot.


It gets hot and heavy when Grand Admiral Thrawn finds Sabine Wren in that Rebel Base.

Read our fanfics: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/Thrawnbine

Thrawnbine manip by the original of “Get To Work” FireLordPie.

A poor attempt at a Manip for the @thrawnbine77 fanfics. Just not good at these at all. 

We placed all the information on that blog because it is 18+ adult nsfw, where as my blog is not adult. There is a longheld belief of this ship. It’s okay you don’t ship. The ship really won’t be on my current blog. There maybe innuendo, but not like that on the Thrawnbine blog.

All justifications of Thrawn X Sabine are on the blog: http://thrawnxsabine

All hate can be answered here: bit.ly/BlueMando

Don’t tell me about your distaste here, I will not respond. This post is a promotional. Advert marketing.

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