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Thrawn doodle. Seriously doesn’t look like him if I don’t color him since I don’t exaggerate his cheekbones and brow ridge.

Try a part for my hair? That would be interesting. 

@getthrawnin He looks like he came from a boyband lmao.

OOC: White or gray hair sides???? Please??? Like the part though Thrawn seems like his singing career is only in the refresher, though he can dance. At least you CAN draw and render. Keep at it. You’ll get it. @festeringsilence

@getthrawnin Sorry I didn’t get that. Were you asking me if he has streaks in the sides of his hair? Also hell yes, Thrawn can totally sing. Like, have you heard Lars sing? Lol.

Yes. @festeringsilence. Gray streaks on the side.

Hmmm, I’ve got Thrawn dancing. Singing could be an addition. https://youtu.be/zPTEaO0BtTk

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