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Thrawn cares about the preservation of cultures and
traditions. In the novel we see that, when talking to Hera we see it, and we
see it now. The thought that a weapon would wipe out a culture unnerved him,
especially when it was used by someone of that culture. Thrawn wanted the
Mandalorians to surrender, he didn’t want their culture to be eradicated. This is
why he personally asked for Sabine to be brought to “operate” the weapon,
because he knew that she’d disable it. He knew she wouldn’t use it on her own
people and only she knew how to stop the weapon. Thrawn was of course able to
make it seem like he wanted the weapon to be used properly but he knew what he
was doing.

For those who believe Thrawn is attempting to cripple the
Empire, this may just be the start of

Cripple the Empire? No.

I’m trying to stop this craziness. The Vong are unrelenting. Palpatine agrees. Kyber lasers cut through their ships. I believe they call them Advanced Yuuzhan Vong Scout Ships and Miid Ro-Ik Ships. They’ve taken out a few of Chiss Space planets. 

Do you know who “DJ” really is? Do you really know who gave the First Order the Quintessence technology for Starkiller Base? 


Oh I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one around here fiercely supporting the Vong theory.

Theory? Admiral Ar’alani fought them. The Emperor knows this fact. @drartslog

Excuse my ignorance, Admiral.

It is not ignorant when you have not had experience. (wrote a fanfic)

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