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Thrawn X Sabine

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Let’s get into a few:

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn studies and analyzes Sabine Wren’s art before ever meeting her face to face.

The more he intensely analyzes her art, the more he learns about her and her emotions. He actually starts to see a little bit of himself in her and through her. That’s when he develops a crush on her and has to meet her. He also has a full dossier from the Imperial Academy and is angry that the Imperials let her dropout.

Watch this clip and one can see that Thrawn is absolutely confounded by the image from a retaining wall he saw on Lothal. He knows it is graffitti. He sees some codes in it, a lot of them childish. But he studies the lines, the paint types, the color, the side, and analyzes what what used. The subject-matter has to be told to him by Agent Kallus, which Thrawn already knows, but wants confirmation.  Thrawn has already deciphered why the Rebels return to Lothal but he does not know exactly what is drawing them there. It has affected all of the Lothalian Rebels, and the question is why? It is as if an “infectious agent” has burrowed in their minds and it happens to be Force related.

However, there is a curious case of Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian, not known for Force mind tricks. What if she has the Force herself? Was that why she was called and stayed on Lothal? Thrawn delves deeper into analyses and realizes that Sabine Wren has a “Force Potential” or a “Latent Use” of the Force, but she chooses or blocks her way not to use it. However, she draws it in all her art.

  • Sabine knows quite a bit about the public threat of Thrawn and may have met him long time ago.

She would know he is a Chiss, as fabled by Wild Space Spacers and deep Unknown Regions mythology. Mandalorians are known to keep tabs on different groups of people. She may never have met one growing up, but since the presence of Thrawn in the Empire, there was talk about this “blue guy that looks like a Pantorean with an eye problem”. At some point, Thrawn wrote briefs and military strategy papers, Sabine would be the type of cadet that would research those papers and know that he wrote him. He was well respected by the underclassmen. Then, in our fanfic, she met him face to face. While he may not remember her, she remembers him.

When she dropped out of the academy, Sabine may have been 14 years old. A tiny girl. She gains experiences not meant for a teenager, then she joins the Rebellion and realizes that all Imperials are evil. If she gets close to Thrawn, she will maim him if not kill him. She does not have any feelings toward him or any other Imperial than asshole. To her, they all look alike in her sights.

  • As we watch Sabine Wren grow up, she becomes a very attractive young woman.

Sabine cleans up nice. What is more interesting, she has refinement and etiquette. She learns rather quickly how to wear sexy lace undergarments in 6-inch high heeled pumps. In our fanfic, we attribute that to when she was a bounty hunter loosely associated with the Black Sun, she survived on the party sex planet, Zeltron. The Zeltrons are red-complexioned near-humanoids that emit sexual pheromones to capture their prisoners. The Zeltron Courtesans took her in and taught her a few womanly skills. They taught her how to dance the tango and to entertain guests they would capture. They taught her to the level of a Zeltron Courtesan Spy on Coruscant. But that’s as far as she learned before her next big bounty hunting job came up. Her stint at Zeltron kept her safe and not enslaved. She has not been sexually penetrated.

This blog buys into the Ketbine (Ketsu Onyo and Sabine Wren) ship to a point. So Sabine knows love and Ketsu broke her heart. The only woman she ever loved.

  • The only thing that Thrawn loves and misses are his people, the Chiss, as he is profoundly lonely and under exile.

This blog supports the ThrawnJorj ship in The Outbound Flight. Apparently he lost Jorj Car’das to an ailment. While, Thrawn has faced many traumas and his Chiss logic buries the pain of the trauma, as an alien, he deals with his emotions differently than humans. Thrawn is pansexual, but practices serial monogamy. He toys with Governor Arihnda Pryce, but she is too emotionally unstable for his tastes.

Governor Pryce asks Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin for Thrawn’s military fleet to help her gain control of Lothal and other planets. Thrawn, who is in the military, is will follow the order, precisely. But he does resent Pryce for asking for his military fleet on a political matter. That is why Thrawn frequently admonishes Pryce on her behavior. As a Grand Admiral, Thrawn has no interest in hearing why the mission cannot be done, he wants solutions. Pryce is not a part of the military, and she would not know these quirks.

When Thrawn encounters the Rebels, he sees military precision, not luck, but training and with refinement, the Rebels would be either a good adversary or a great part of the Chiss.

When Thrawn discovers who Sabine Wren is, her military background, her family background, her cultural beliefs and her ability to do art, well then, that just turns him on.

  • Most women and men date Grand Admiral Thrawn to show him off for being of blue complexion as a fetishization.

Thrawn is learning human culture as he interacts with more of them. With politics on the side, he finds the pretentiousness of the Imperials to only want to date him because of his Chiss novelty and extreme intelligence. Of course, since he is beyond that petty emotion, he engages because he knows they love it and feed out his hand – most of the time. Many do not. His interactions have not been about because they like him with the exception of a few: Jorj Car’das, Eli Vanto (though Vanto fought Thrawn at first), and eventually, Sabine Wren. Only Eli Vanto is an Imperial.

Sabine Wren is different completely. There is a heir of innocence to her, no naivete, and she is really good in a fight. Thrawn knows if he gets Sabine on his side, she will defend him at all costs. The flip side that, he must protect her at all costs, too.

In Rebels, Thrawn remains celibate to avoid the bullshit of a serious relationship. But his profound loneliness can be all consuming. When Thrawn finally sees his crush Sabine from a distance, he makes his way toward her to reach out to her in his giddiness. Sabine is glamorous in this part of the story and Thrawn already knows she is a distraction for most of the Imperials. He says nothing to his guards because he finds it thoroughly amusing. He can obviously see her glamour is far from being Mandalorian for her as she stumbles around in her dress and drinks too much champagne. But he can see that she believes her mission is good for the Rebel cause, which actually is a criminal cause set up by Lando Calrissian. Thrawn immediately recognizes Sabine’s con game, but he allows it until he can take his chance on her. His hope, to checkmate the Rebels’ game and outmaneuver these criminals by taking her.

Sabine knows exactly who Thrawn is, but she is unsure if all the rumors were true about him – a stuffed shirt Imperial asshole blue pervert.

She discovers is that Thrawn is actually fun, and can dance. Moreover, he actually knows art. Sabine is impressed by his knowledge of art because most Imperials are pricks about different cultures and cultural artifacts. How can the Empire conquer planets and know so little about a culture?

Thrawn is cultured, gentlemanly and very attentive to her. He treats her with respect and kindness, but Sabine, being burned before by Imperials, wonders when is the other shoe going to drop? Then she sees his vacant red-in-red eyes and hears his tired sadness in his voice inflection when they discuss other ideas outside of art and dance. She senses his profound loneliness. That’s when she learns that the Empire fetishizes him and he knows it but is unsure what to do about it and she tells him that she knows that he is hiding this fact from the Empire.

That is when Thrawn decides to protect Sabine. While she has been getting by, she knows the Empire has a kill order on her. He needs to find a way that he could leverage the rules of the Chiss Ascendancy to give immunity to Sabine, but she has to consent to moving to Chiss Space.

It is funny, because Mandalorians are not ones to enjoy that kind of organization, but they would respect it.

That’s as far as the story goes, atm.

(WIP may change without notice)

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