Re: The Mandalorians – Tiber Saxon

What Tiber Saxon does not understand is I have cursory knowledge of the Mandalorian culture at it’s most basic level. I know its art, while there are a few masterpieces, the art is within the Mandalorians themselves: Their armor. Their written texts show their art. Everything about what it means to be a Mandalorian, I have prior knowledge. 

Which is why I preserved their culture and did not allow Clan Saxon to use the Disintegrator against Clan Wren. Warriors do not surrender. Ever. Many Mandalorians, as shown historically, will rally behind the new Mandalore, no matter who it is. The Mandalore does not require the backing of the Empire if that person is a warrior under their tradition.

Tiber Saxon is not that.

Besides, the Emperor and Lord Vader explicitly told me not to incite the Mandalorians into the Rebellion.

Clan Saxon tends to not understand that. No outsider rules Mandalore.

That family seems to not really be Mandalorian.

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