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How This Muse Will Be Played

Different roleplayers perform Thrawn in various ways. To be IN CHARACTER requires a great amount of knowledge of this well established Legends character. At least 10+ novels and comic books encompass the legacy this character has given for nearly 30 years. This character for Star Wars Rebels has been retconned, but the changes do not affect his overall demeanor.

His is calm, cool and collected. He acts this way because it has been the way he has been trained since he’s been 2 years old. He was born into the “warrior class” as a commoner. He is in the Ruling House Nuruodo. He knows this and understands this. The way the Chiss train is to fight, logically, strategically and tactically with less technology than the known Star Wars galactic Empire. In Legends, in the Star Wars Outbound Flight, he takes down an entire picket of hyena vulture droids of the Trade Federation just by easily figuring out their turn over or clock times in his head.

He is an ALIEN – we will refrain from assigning him entirely HUMAN emotions. Most Chiss do not think highly of Humans. Thrawn does not think that initially, but as he interacts with the, and some do his bidding, he does eventually favor the Chiss byline about Humans. That does not apply to Sith Lords. He respects them, to a point, but not at the point to take over their megalomania. Thrawn, works with people. He suspects “xenocentric chauvinism” or speciesm, but to what extent. Thrawn actually gives a benefit of a doubt and tries to educated people. Otherwise, he’ll kill them or let them trip mired in their own crap not to help them out. He has enough plans on top of plans to outmaneuver an opponent.

He’s personable, and actually kind. But he is not a friend at the beginning. It takes a lot to make Thrawn a friend. He requires being impressed and not told, but shown. Actions speak louder than words. 

He is discreet. For RP purposes, things will be said cryptically. Even if the audience sees an RP and points it out to us, when Thrawn is IN CHARACTER he will not speak on it, ever. That is not his thing. 

NEVER ASSUME what his RP situation is if you are not a member of SWAG77. What you would be doing is metagaming that will lead us to godmod or we will just BLOCK you. No sense in busting our asses to explain to you that we are in storyline for our RP when you failed to read. It’s purposeless. No ROI.


There are some human interests that Thrawn undertakes. Those are a part of our headcanons and metas. In canon, he analyzes art. In our headcanons, he likes classical music, dancing, and ironically gourmet cooking – he’s actually a pretty good cook. He taught himself during those lull times he had alone.

Thrawn is profoundly lonely and misses the Chiss. Whether he was forcibly exiled or it was planned for him, it did not prepare him for the loneliness of his people. This does not drive him crazy and it is not something he often dwells upon, but he knows the feeling of loneliness.

Thrawn is a highly trained military leader and he is highly intelligent. Do not dismiss those 2 facts. We will attempt to RP him that way. It takes him awhile to get a joke, but when he does, he laughs about it. That is what he finds amusing about humans. 

Humans have more creativity than Chiss and that is probably the idea he is most envious of, but not bothersome.

Thrawn is not into power and control. He is not into taking over and abusing an unsuspecting victim without their consent. Thrawn is into consent. “You knew I was a snake before I bit you.” He himself never lost control, completely. When he slightly loses control, he’s dangerous. It is something the Chiss have a huge problem with him. He seems to lose slight control far too often to their liking or culture. At least that is why he got punished to the Redoubt Cluster base and got exiled in Legends. 

Thrawn sees his fight like a high level game and he expects all his opponents to LEVEL UP to him. Not many can. By the time most humans figure out what he has done, he’s already 10+ steps ahead – the humans call it “clever”… it’s not clever, it’s mastermind gamemaster level. Everything that happens is be cause an opponent showed a weakness and he exploited it and he probably told his opponent his/her weakness before he engaged them in his game.

Thrawn RARELY has downtime. He is always perfecting his skills. By the time we see him in Heir to the Empire, he probably no longer sleeps. Incidentally, Sith do not sleep.

This is how we will play our muse.

–may change without notice-

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