Save The Ysalamiri for Get Thrawn In Campaign

In 2015, before the announcement of Thrawn’s presence in Star Wars Rebels, my group, Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77), sent our “arts and crafts” divisional “Ysalamiri” to Lucasfilm. Dave Filoni did not want ysalamiri. At any rate, we defied him by handing out Ysalamiri at our SWAG77 booth and giving some to Timothy Zahn, who LOVED them.

We went with an “arts and craft” project for the kids. It was supposed to something where the kids could get involved as an art project in Star Wars. It did not turn out to be that way, but that was our intention.

Then Thrawn was announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe in Germany, and we could not attend.

You know, you’d think we are a billion-dollar corporation fully supported by Disney Lucasfilm for the amount of hate we get. We are not. Far from it. All we are trying to do is appreciate THRAWN through roleplay performance and fandom. That is our goal. That has always been our goal.

If we had known that squid-whales (purrgils) would choke out Thrawn, we would have made a strong fightback to get Ysalamiri into the Thrawn story. But we need more people for that. 3-5 fans do not work. There is strength in numbers. They are barraging Lucasfilm with Ysalamiri daily in a coordinated fashion. People predict all that they want, but that does not matter for standing up and protesting to make these people comply with our fan servicing. We do not know if Thrawn will be in another media project with Lucasfilm; it’s highly possible, but not inevitable. To make them do it requires people on ONE ACCORD than bashing each other because they don’t like a ship or don’t like a movie. Disney could END Lucasfilm productions altogether. That’s real. If folks want that, then hey, hate SWAG77 busting them on Twitter all you like. But the reality is, you should be about the fandom than bashing fans. We are just saying.

Buy a ysalamiri >> http://bit.ly/Esty77

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