A World Between Worlds – Headcanon Written IC

I must admit, I was angry when I learned that Minister Veris Hydan was on Lothal for an archeological dig, ancient art and interesting artifacts. Allegedly, a strange pathway through all time and space was discovered there.

The reports were cryptic in Hydan’s writing. A phrase written repeatedly, “He who controls it, controls the universe.”

He was killed at site. Rocks fell on him and the Rebels may be the culprits.

When I was defeated by the Purrgil and the Rebel Commander Ezra Bridger, my fleet and personnel from crash landed on a rogue planet. From there we built habitable domes on our shields and sent distress signals from our ship’s beacons that only lasted 100 planet rotations. Afterward, with Ezra’s constant chatter, and I started tutoring him on refining his survival skills, like hunting. One of our excursions, after a day of no catch and the coldness of night, Ezra told me about this “fabric of space and time Place” – A World Between Worlds.

It seems that he speaks of time travel and it is not a new concept to us, the Chiss. We have toyed with it before a better jump gates with our unique hyperspace travel. We realized that inappropriate use can destroy an entire galaxy if misused. We have done the math with our calculations. I never spoke of this to Bridger, of course. But I listened to his listlessness as he rattle on about windows to worlds at different times. My knowledge of time travel is very small without HoloNet archive access or my inability to see the art associated with what he speaks. These Mortis Gods? Could they be our creators?

Then Bridger claimed Sabine saw the art as he stares at me.

I told Bridger, “An artist analyzing art. Her diverse take on said art could be enlightening.”

Bridger shrugs at me and returns to his listlessness. It was if he had become disinterested in her opinion, and he flatly states the Rebels destroyed the temple and its coordinates.

Coordinates? I thought. Destroying them? How foolish.

Bridger did not reply but finished a simple diagram of the portal and coordinates on Lothal. My surprise was not the Lothalian images he claimed to have seen. My surprise was I have seen these symbols on Csilla before.


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