“Rah hah ch’aah nah cservah ravri, hah ch’aah nah en’castehah csah ravri. Sasco hah ran’cah bun, rab Nan’ei ran’cah veah bun veah ch’a k’sovcubun vicen. Hah ch’aah ttah voceb, viscehah, vim ran ch’in’vah, to g’eshirci ch’a vn’inen’i viz bohn hah cart len cservo csact’i cart in’a san csact’i ttah bun g’et veo nah.”

~Grand Admiral Thrawn in Cheuhn to set the record.

From a porn site:

“If it’s not risk sex, it’s not really sex. Sure it feels good, but NOSheTHING feels as good as a fertile pussy. It’s wetter, warmer, and without fail, the orgasms a girl has while it is her risky time are 100x better than when not.”

From a porn meme

This is for Sabine. We were into risk sex. And her orgasms were sweeter at each intensity I gave to her.

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