How to roleplay on MY posts.

If you are a character IN STAR WARS, you have to ask me first. I have posted this fact. I don’t do randos. Sorry. Why should I RP with people I don’t know that may be intent to cause my BRAND harm? I don’t go to other RP characters and tell them they suck. Don’t do it on mine.

If you are yourself under the veil of a character’s image because you’re a fan which is FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT from actually creating an IN CHARACTER ACCOUNT and you respond to me about “mobile apps” that’s clearly not in the Star Wars Universe under that language, I will not respond to your comment. EVER. If offensive, I will BLOCK YOU! No questions answered.


Because you don’t deserve that kind of access to me. At least a ROLEPLAYER will create an IN CHARACTER account with some idea of the kind of portrayal they want to present publicly with the appropriate language, in canon and fandom use with some creativity involved.


General accounts veiled or unveiled who onslaught mine without giving a shit about my ABOUT SECTIONS, my HEADCANONS, my METAS and how I portray this muse and what I use as my research to develop this character online and shit all over my writing because they did not try… NEGATIVE…

People who do that do not deserve that level of access to me. And flip flopping from being IC vs OOC is not allowed.

You want to know about my muse of the character I portray. You do not deserve my MUNDANE ever. I share that with very few people I meet online. It is not fair for you to know EVERYTHING about me as a REAL PERSON and not pay for that. That costs. I will not share that. It’s none of your business.

The difference is I’m not just a FAN page. I portray my idea of the character – the muse. There are other accounts, mutuals that perform their way. I don’t go to them and say to them they’re good, bad, whatever. That’s inappropriate. Let me do my thing and they can do their thing.

Most individuals do not do that level of RP because it ebbs and flows and changes all the time. Which do you choose? Legends portrayal or Disney canon portrayal or a mix? We’ve explained that on my blog, repeatedly.

If you want to be involved in my story arcs I am currently pursuing, you’d have to join SWAG77. We don’t allow random individuals into our writing group for our own business reasons. Don’t like it? There’s another “THRAWN” on Tumblr who might cater to your needs.

We’re not asking you to dislike what the character muse dislikes. We’re asking you to RESPECT our fanfic story arcs we are working on by staying well read.

The other issue is PREDICTIONS. RARELY we do them because they are dumb. WE write our own stories that we want to tell as fanfics, AUs, etc. The way Fandom should be. The Stories we want to tell. We’re not trying to be “right” about a show, we’re trying to be CREATIVE. If you’re down with that, then you’d join SWAG77.

There are some people who have been removed because they refused to write and they were racist bigots against the owner. We can’t do that. That’s not what this is about. We are not dealing with personalities other than the character’s. We make a lot of demands and it’s tough. But once done, it’s all updates from there. Believe us or not. Don’t care anymore. Fandom is bad anyway.

But for the sake of our fan creativity like numerous other fans, this is what we do.

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