Zonama Sekot

Mobile Planet

When I heard of Starkiller Base, and saw a few schematics, I found the idea stupid. A waste of resources and poor use of them. Just like the Death Star I and II. A single planet as a weapon. That was before her…before I met Sekot and discovered her powers in the Force.

Force sensitivity is a peculiar thing. For all the power to wield it, users both Light and Dark find it difficult to remain passive and give non-Force users free will.

While I have had merely a taste of the Force, I would not want the responsibility or be beholden to it. I would want my free will. That is not a Chiss ideal. Probably why I was exiled so quickly from the Ascendancy, as if it was never a difficult decision for the Aristocra to rid themselves of me.

But, when I found myself with Bridger, my broken fleet defeated by space whales on a strange uncharted planet that moves naturally on its own as its own consciousness — Sekot is a young person that needs help from a nightmarish threat, one that could consume her.

She has not shared this threat with me telepathically. Perhaps I would not understand. But I know fear and I know that fear must be dealt with assiduously and overcome by thought, planning, training and discipline. I have trained several troops, squadrons, battalions and battle star cruiser crews in two different military traditions. In the worst of circumstances, victory can still be achieved by strategy and tactics.

Space whales were not my defeat. They were a reckoning.

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