OOC: If you hate the way I play this MUSE, IDC, I’m not changing it.

A lot of study has gone into setting up this muse to be presentable to key figures at Disney Lucasfilm since 2015 to influence them #GetThrawnIn #StarWars.

We are using the art and music marketing ploy along with the Thrawn novels (Legends and Disney Canon) and some of Star Wars Rebels we feel will best display our THRAWN concept to fans who do not know him.

Yes, there are several thousands of fans that do not know him. More than the fans that do by our estimates. That artist for the mural did not know him at all before Star Wars Celebration Chicago… He does know who THRAWN is now…

I know why you hate my MUSE and my MUNDANE (typist behind the muse) – you do not understand roleplay performance and being IN CHARACTER and if you are IN CHARACTER, you are having a tough time in your obsessive fairytale fantasizing ship you have constructed with straw man hypothesis to build what you think is a fanfiction story. How funny how I’ve read some fanfics about me, Thrawn X _______. How ironic is that I think it’s adorable.

But the last few weeks the way I have been spoken to by alleged Star Wars fans that preach all this “oneness in the fandom” crap, if I was RPing and performing the way I should be under real scripts and storyboards, I would probably kill you all.  Because that is not what a GRAND ADMIRAL tolerates, ever…

A ship with an ADMIRAL is not shared. To BE an ADMIRAL personal issues are void. Not even a CAPTAIN can behave the way that some fanfics cover me.

Besides the marketing of GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN to possible moviegoers will be MILITARY in nature, overall.  THAT is THRAWN’s appeal in most of STAR WARS. THAT IS 80-90% OF HIS MAIN APPEAL.

So if I was playing my muse right on Tumblr, I would be speaking about battleplans. Not what dress I’m wearing to the formal. I hate formals, btw. Pretention is bullshit. I can only tolerate it so much. Problems with my language, I’m a sailor in the NAVY what do you think I say?

Even on FACEBOOK and our groups, we discuss MORE military strategies there than here, and that’s frustrating. Because we do need a lot of military fan art that rosy colored princess pony chibi pictures.

We can not speculate here because no one reads fight plans.

And Twatter is not the space for it. And wordpress is isolating. Watch the finale again, why wasn’t I afraid of the space whales like most of my crew? I’m the Grand Admiral, they were my responsibility. What happened to them?

But most people want to see Bridger get some.

Okay. But that is not how I roleplay perform because it’s bullshit. IDGAF about  that. I’m trying to figure out where we are and save the remaining crew left and try to reach out with a beacon.  We started on that story, but people DGAF on Tumblr. So fuck fandom and hope I’m wrong as the MUN and rub it in my face as the MUSE.

However, don’t ask TIMOTHY ZAHN for a new story on mushy glitter fairytale bullshit. We tire of white girl damsels in distress Disney princesses.

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