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A lot has changed. The issue is, the Force reigns supreme in all Star Wars. Nothing can override the Force. That is the mentality of the Disney Lucasfilm Story Group. They probably say, it is what George Lucas would want.

But, those elements in most EU books were added to expound on an old story based on some key ideas.

Is Thrawn really a villain? In the EU he is. In Disney Canon, he is an officer that is doing his job. That character trait, plot gap needs clarification immediately.

Is Thrawn misguided? According to who? The Chiss in the Chiss Ascendancy? The Galactic Empire? The Light Side of the Force?

How about ASKING Thrawn this fact?

From Thrawn: Alliances
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Thrawn can be emotionally wounded though trained to not respond as a Chiss. How he does this well takes years of training and a very strong personal constitution. But something made him leave the Chiss Ascendancy and go to the Galactic Empire. Call it the “sacrifice” or wanting to get away from the Chiss and spend time among the aliens, specifically, humans.

Those stories and metas are on this blog and on the Thrawn X Sabine blog. Why?


Top Apex predators, especially pack hunters, scope out animals that are sick and remove them from their herds. Something is wrong with the Chiss. They aren’t “sick” with a cold or disease, but our theory is because they are isolated, by choice, they ran into the genetic snag of genetic collapse in an ecosystem and they are starting to undergo an extinction event. Without the addition of new alleles and genetic diversity, their species will die. That’s what happens to populations that choose eugenics and preferred combinations than a natural approach.

The Chiss used to not do eugenics. Then for some reason, they started to do it. By the time Mitth’raw’nuruodo was “born”, there were a few drops in population.

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