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Often, I am told the source of all art comes from select artists and people. I doubt that. All people can become artists and do well as their respective people support their endeavors. Commentary on art pieces follow suit, and per usual, the esoteric factors of art must be analyze under equipoise with little emotion. I strive to reach that equipoise to make a reasonable or rational decision for strategies, tactics and calculations. Miscalculation in any battle plan can lead to death because the tactics and strategies were incorrect and their basis of assumption. The presumption is often derived through personal fears that have caused an arrogance, which leads to xenocentric chauvinism.

Many persons have asked me where the source of art is derived from. Most individuals that ask me, are asking to justify their hate, which will led to miscalculation for their battle plans. But the few that philosophically want to know from a neurological perspective, I yield this scenario:

If the goal of art is now to hit some quota on equality regarding how much color is applied, or how diverse the art can be, then art is doomed.


The follow-up is best:

Art cannot come out of privilege, either. The calculation of analysis of art should be accurate and correct.


I think this meme holoimage says it best:

Interesting that most Rebels are not creative. Who could have calculated that?

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