Addendum for the Thrawn HoloNovels

I would prefer to know more about our Mandalorian adversaries.

I have met a few, Imperial Commandos. I wonder why Mandalorians as a government have never embedded their warriors with other forces, like the Galactic Empire?

I do not think it is about developing an alliance, but their integration into the military like me. How come they do not join?

They always serve as mercenaries or trackers for the Empire. And while many of them are good ones, they are never fellow officers and crew aboard starships. Why?

I understand they are a culture of people who have tenets they follow, but Mandalorian neutrality…Hmm?

In fact, the Mandalorians prefer to lead their own planets, like Mandalore, separately from the greater good of the security to the galaxy…

Then, the curious case of a former Imperial Academy cadet and Mandalorian who drops out of the Academy and shames her clan, hurts her family and leaves all that she knows to join a bounty hunting gang that nearly gets her killed.

The Rebels recruit her, and she seems to have fully integrated into their military without question.

Suddenly, I see reports that she reconnects with her family and the clans of Mandalore. Strange. Being an exile will never reinstate me with House Nuruodo. I will always be a part of the Ruling Family Mitth.

Moreover, this girl is an artist — a warrior artist. She is a Fem-Mando Warrior Artist with a royal title. Hardly any royalty fight in their own wars in this galaxy. The fighters are usually brought up or clones. But her efforts have a direct impact on the lips of the Emperor himself. So confusing? I do not understand this animosity between the Emperor versus the Mandalorians.

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