Grand Admiral Thrawn is very honorable and he knows what to do.

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THRAWN TREASON SPOILERS: Uh…no…Nothing inappropriate here…

In the excerpt, Grand Admiral Thrawn is studying the art and maps to gain insights into the Grysks. In a room set off to the side of his office is where Vah’nya and Un’hee sleep. Vah’nya is ~22ish years old and enters Thrawn’s office in an oversized sleep T-shirt. Thrawn barely remarks her presence other than to acknowledge that she is there. Vah’nya asks about his art analysis, and in a tone that seems “corrective like a parent”, Thrawn tells her he studies art and asks about her interests.

Questions can arise with that interaction despite what really happened in anyone were to learn they talked under those circumstances. Thrawn is roughly ~40+ years old and could beguile a young, innocent and fragile Chiss navigator if he desires. He does not. Why?

Obviously, he is honorable as a warrior and follows a code of civilized treatment. Other’s might say he has different preferences, but he can see a potential object of his affection start to show an amicable feeling to Vah’nya. That is Eli Vanto. Thrawn could have a hissy-fit about that. He does not. What he has is a “fatherly” type concern to teach and educate people. Not fraternize. His interactions with mates tend to result in arguments. Thrawn hates that the post. Nagging, arguing and bickering. That is one way to get rid of Grand Admiral Thrawn definitely because as high command, either he’s not going to discuss it any longer, or he’s going to see it as a challenge to defeat you outright — the way he did with Grand Admiral Savit. The more Thrawn antagonized Savit, the mistakes Savit made, and Thrawn did that on-purpose.

“To whom the gods wish to destroy, they must first make them mad.”
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow often misattributed to Euripides.

Grand Admiral Thrawn makes many humans addicted to power and the byline quite mad and he can manipulated that thinking very well. Like a Chess-Master. To Force Users, he can do similar as seen in Legends, but we have not seen it that much in the Disney Canon. He definitely did it to Darth Vader in that “ozyzl ehshembo” or skywalking. He will probably do it to Ezra Bridger in case he does not pity him.


If he tried it on a Mandalorian, like Sabine Wren…she’s flip him to be her bitch. Visit http://thrawnxsabine.wordpress.com

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