The thing about #StarWars hate.

Freddie Prinze Jr. goes full throttle on what we call hater fans that say they are Star Wars fans but really aren’t. He exclaims Star Wars Rebels is a kid’s show and George Lucas said so.

We have heard these exclamations before. We have made them ourselves.

Then the basis of the celebrity introduction to Get Thrawn In was messing around the Prinze

He says he wakes up like this.

Either way, Mr. Prinze must have had an altercation with fans who hate him and his talent.

But might we suggest that there are corporations that want to see Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars fail at all levels and have Troll campaigns to block their efforts on all levels. What celebrities are encountering hurt the fans who do read, write and perform Star Wars stories on social media platforms.

It is what the SWAG77 does.


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