Fanfic Headcanon of the Chiss Ascendancy – worldbuilding exercise

There is one major power broken down into families. Therefore, this government is an oligarchy.

There are limitations on the leadership: No one can put their own personal needs above those needs of the Chiss and the Chiss Ascendency.

Branches of our society are: Military, Science, Social Development, Exploration, Communications not related to the Military, Leadership, and Star Shipbuilding and Engineering.

Positions go to family members first through a trial born merit adoptive process. Certain processes are caused by vote, such as EXILE. It is believed that all Chiss must act for the best of the Houses in the Ruling Families.

Chiss who reach the pinnacle of their positions keep them for the rest of their lives.

I was exile for my stance and response to take a pro-active approach in managing our enemies from a military strategy and tactic. (Remember Thrawn lives in this denial and you must read in between the lines).

Chiss are atheists and are not spiritual. If one can call it worship it is to hold being a Chiss and the Ascendancy above all others.

Chiss planets and trade has no economy. We obtain use of currency on the outer rim by barter. We also can gamble to gain more currency to get what we desire. We also liberate (spelled steal) equipment we feel they are used inappropriately. (Thrawn Alliances)

Some of the laws seem strict. They are preservationists for our protection so that the Chiss live out their presence devoid of mass extinction.

Punishments to expressing massive powers in the Force are chemical castration and all the biological family made sterile. (Headcanon made up)

The Chiss Navigators do not have strong Force powers like the Republic’s Jedi and Jedi Order. Most Navigators use the process of the Force by second sight. Few, which is a rare occurrence, use Third Sight (to exact the Force upon another person) to express their Force Powers. If identified, they can be executed. Unsure why?

(We have HEADCANONS for this story)

Our authorities can be within our intelligence agencies. Most low level soldiers are our police and guards. They are not trained for intelligence. Our intelligence are sought out by our military training. Lastly, there is a secret service by the Communication and Leadership sections of our government. They analyze everything. (Headcanon made up).

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