My office before destruction… Black box and holocloud storage

Before I was rudely defeated by Bridger by his tentacle space whales and bought to the outskirts of the Unknown Region, I studied the art of Lothal and the Rebels. I intended to pull them apart piece by piece not realizing the Jedi’s Force Powers.

They are stronger than most our Chiss Navigators.

Nevertheless, the Jedi are different than the Sith based on what the secret reports of the Chiss Ascendancy have documented.

But I examined anti-Imperial graffiti by the Mandalorian Sabine Wren.

While her artwork intrigues me greatly and Bridger will not stop talking about her, there is another piece, a different piece. A piece that was near the Jedi Temple. A piece like the Mortis gods that Sabine helped Bridger open to get into the World Between Worlds and change to best likely outcomes.

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