What Ezra Really Meant To Say To Thrawn…

You think you can take whatever you want. Things you didn’t make. Didn’t earn. Things you don’t even understand. You don’t deserve to have this art or Lothal.

Original Quote By EZRA BRIDGER

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What Ezra meant to say:

You think you can take whoever you want. People you hurt. Didn’t earn your trust. People you don’t even understand. You don’t deserve to have Sabine or her art!

Thrawn says that he will destroy Lothal but he saved Sabine Wren’s art. Then tells Ezra that she is quite talented, but since he is destroying Lothal, she will die. Thrawn is tormented with Sabine Wren’s demise because his eyes flash from his emotional outburst.

For the amount of emotion Thrawn shows, it does not amount to the response Ezra returned. If Thrawn is mocking Ezra over his relationship with Sabine, Ezra failed to sense through the Force, Thrawn’s derision. Ezra can sense the feelings and thoughts of Thrawn when Thrawn emotes. What emotions did Ezra sense in Thrawn to merit Ezra’s enraged response he gave?

Ezra walked toward Thrawn in anger. It was as if Thrawn knew all about Ezra’s and Sabine’s relationship and knew it was Ezra’s weakness. Thrawn could have done enough analysis to deduce Ezra’s and Sabine’s intimate interactions. But, a jealous competition between Ezra and Thrawn over Sabine does not account for Ezra’s enraged response toward Thrawn.

Was it the fact that Thrawn threatened to kill Sabine that caused Thrawn’s red-in-red eyes to flash as they did? It pained Thrawn to kill an artist. He did not want to. But as a villain, he had to destroy Lothal.

But sorrow and disappointment are not what Ezra sensed in Thrawn’s head.

To merit the enraged response Ezra delivered with his aggressive action he took toward Thrawn, Ezra must have sensed a feeling or thought more adult-oriented about Sabine Wren than he expected.

Normally, Imperials do not share their sexual fantasies to anyone. It is during their private moments. They could be brought up on “unbecoming of an officer” if an Imperial showed immorality. Most military adhered to those rules. The ones who did not led to their demise, quickly. Since, Thrawn is a Chiss, the first alien to reach high rank in the Empire, he knew he could not behave inappropriately or the Empire would execute him. He steered clear of most extraneous relationships and was able to suppress his emotions by his Chiss military training to overcome his proclivities.

But there was a memory engram that Ezra sensed in Thrawn’s mind which freaked out Ezra. Ezra must have been able to tell Thrawn had a secret crush on Sabine Wren. In fact, for the Force to make the feeling so strikingly strong in other Force Users, such as Minister Hydan who specifically asks Sabine about why Thrawn finds her talented and acquired a collection of her art. Sabine blows off that notion by Hydan that suggests she has no idea.

Would Thrawn violate Sabine? No. He cared for her too much.

This protective care that Thrawn feels passionately about Sabine falls under “Her Royalty and Her Knight” trope in literature. Ezra as a brother figure felt she was to be protected from the Chiss because they were strange aliens and she should not be subjected to that.

Moreover, Ezra could see the Dark Side in Thrawn’s mind. Something Chiss do not suffer often. But Thrawn did whether he knew it or not.

There was something else. Chiss have always worked for the Sith. As have the Mandalorians. Chiss did not like the Mandalorians but would work with them, temporarily, if ordered. But a Chiss would never seek a Mandalorian alliance unless both groups could overthrow the Sith. Thrawn is doing is different, his crush on a powerful Mandalorian. That alliance would be a direct threat to the Emperor.

So Ezra Bridger senses an adult-oriented emotion in Grand Admiral Thrawn about Sabine Wren and can see how Thrawn is being manipulated by the Dark Side of the Force. The destruction that Thrawn believes he can do will only lead the Sith to destroy the Chiss Ascendancy.

Thrawn’s crush on Sabine is more about protecting a frontier that borders between Mandalorian space and Chiss space in the Unknown Regions that flow to the void outside the galaxy and any unknown threats lying there.

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