Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising Novel Spoilers & Thoughts

This may be a SPOILER to some people that will go to my Twitter (@ThrawnStarWars) to THRAWN ASCENDANCY: CHAOS RISING.

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THRAWN ASCENDANCY stories are trying to get to the point of when STAR WARS:THRAWN starts and when Thrawn joined the Empire, an updated story version of The Mist Encounter at the end of OUTBOUND FLIGHT).

Thrawn was EXILED by the Chiss Ascendancy Aristocra and the Council of the Chiss Military: Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet, officially. Thrawn tells ELI VANTO at the end of STAR WARS: THRAWN that he had a separate mission, but it was a BLACK OP and not on anyone’s records at the Chiss leadership who would disavow all information.

The Mitth patriarch, Mitth’oor’koriod (Thoorkori) is very old, he hobbles with a cane, and he knows SHEEV PALPATINE—they may be in contact (Speculation). Thoorkori can change perspectives and is a male sky-walker who hides in plain sight. He is powerful, not just in decision-making, but also changing the course of the Chiss to a Chaos galactic system with only Chiss. But he is getting old and his prescience only sees success or destruction. He believes with reconnected contacts with Lesser Space, the known Star Wars galaxy, there can be more, but he cannot see it, refuses to see it, or it is his wishful delusional dream for the Chiss.

If THRAWN is the “CHISS CHOSEN ONE”, then the goal is to bring back the Sith Empire – Chiss “participation”. But the Chiss are not the only allies the Sith Empire had, it also included the MANDALORIANS.

The Chiss know who the Mandalorians are, but have not spoken to them in ~thousands of years. Thrawn as a Chiss Warrior exiled with the Empire worked with the Mandalorians and found them in disarray more than he was taught by the Chiss. The Mandalorians are highly-effective melee fighters. Enough to fight Thrawn’s slothful Chiss enemies and the threats in the Unknown Regions. At least the Chiss can adapt and build Mandalorian armor.

Then, he met a Mandalorian artist…

Thrawn is rather “salty” toward all the Chiss he thought were his friends that allowed him to be exiled. He must have done something so treasonous that he was exiled. But what was it? Either way, the Chiss Ascendancy claims and why Thrawn cares are petty, and he knows it. The other issue is he could run back with Ar’alani to help the Chiss who support him and realizes he has political problems. Thrawn refuses to return back to Chiss Space in STAR WARS: THRAWN TREASON. Why?

Eventually, unwillingly he does return to the Unknown Regions were Chiss Space is after his defeat by Ezra Bridger.

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