Thrawn’s RK-3 Blaster: When Did He Get It?

On Instagram, a Grand Admiral Thrawn fan poses a very interesting question from the Legends canon book, The Outbound Flight, see below:

Disney Lucasfilm uses RK-3 blaster pistols for Thrawn as shown in this current canon images. RK-3 blaster pistols were built by a fictional company, Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. weapons for the Imperial Military.

Why is this blaster pistol important for this discussion? What would drive this aspect of Thrawn’s story? Because the RK-3 blaster pistol at this time is stronger than the current Chiss weapons, such as the Charrics.

When did Thrawn get his blaster-pistol? Before he joined the Empire (~11 BBY), or at the time he became a Grand Admiral (~3-4 BBY)?

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