I’m not good. I am self-sufficient!

Vintage Grand Admiral Thrawn Straight Outta Csilla

I’m not good. I am self-sufficient!

I decide who and what is allowed to do with me. And if I don’t like it, I let the person understand it in an accessible form. And you don’t have to consider me good, I don’t give a fuck. You can’t please everyone and this concept is part of my character.

If my self-esteem is largely dependent on the opinions of others, then I have obvious problems with my head. And I have to solve this problem.

Agree that “he’s self-sufficient” sounds better than “he’s a good guy.” Why do I even have to be good? What the hell am I, an obedient dog?

We’re not teenagers anymore, stop chasing this bullshit.

By the way, self-sufficient does not cancel the concept of “good man”. But a good me is far from being for everyone, which in turn immediately cuts off the chances of a scenario like “you can sit down and shine your legs.”

Smart-ass personalities quickly fall off, making room for adequate people in my life. And I do not suffer from the fact that I do not have two hundred friends. My social circle is small, but special.

Do you think this is too pretentious? And I don’t give a fuck!

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