“There is nothing more important that art. Art is the basis of our deepest humanity, and it’s through that we articulate our deepest concerns, our deepest beliefs, and our most profound ideas about who we are. And not only are these amazing young artists dealing with the notions of social justice, as the core of the work, they’re also extraordinary artists of invention. In 1984, at a lecture, I heard the president of Bank of America give a talk, it was on the changing demographics that were going to be affecting this country. And he said something by the year 2020, 2025 or so, that this would be a country that would be primarily a majority minority country. And now here we are some 30-some-odd years later, where this extraordinary tide, this extraordinary shift is indeed finally in the making for all to see. I think that there’s something dynamic that’s going on, somthing extraordinary that’s going on, something powerful that’s going on. And the way in which artist are articulating this is also really incredible for this moment.

Carrie Mae Weems