Toxic Star Wars Fandom “Get Thrawn In” May 27, 2015 Part 3

A continuation of Part 2

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I wasn’t trying to necessarily dog Swag 77. We just had some issues with them recently. They made claims that the EU group had plans to start a full riot at Celebration telling Disney to be wary of us. I really don’t have anything against Swag 77’s goal, but like you with our groups, we had some problems. We really don’t want to take down Disney Star Wars either. Some of us are interested in the new stuff. Some of us aren’t.

Some of us aren’t.   I get that the profits for the books aren’t huge compared to the movies and toys, but the EU had books, comics, and video games.  Video games such as KOTOR and The Force Unleashed brought in a lot of profit, granted not as much as the movies.  People still want a KOTOR III and a Force Unleashed III. Those are old EU and significant profit.  As a whole the EU brought in a lot of profit for Lucasfilm.  As I recall, it was something like a third of the
profits at the point of the sale.  We have different goals with some
similarities.  We want to see stuff that we have read again.  We want it
through different avenues.  It appears though, that you have made up your
mind and aren’t willing to try and unite our goals.  Good luck on your
 It’s an easier one to accomplish than ours, but we obviously have
slightly differing goals.  I am sure we’d be willing to join your
but the reverse doesn’t seem to be true.  Good Luck and Best Wishes.


This page is a Star Wars Actors Guild 77 page. It was my brainchild. I’m Dr. G-

Understand? SWAG77 is really just 4-5 hardworking people. So when you say we did something to you somewhere, that is an indictment on me, and I take that
personally, because I don’t spread rumors.

On the attack page against SWAG77, they told their fans to dox me, and I got death threats. I defended myself at my booth at Star Wars Celebration that Lucasfilm allowed me to have. I believe in what I do. Fans at Star Wars Celebration were there to have fun. Many fans only knew who Darth Vader was. Our goal was to teach them who Thrawn is and to thank all the Thrawn cosplayers who stopped by the booth. The mini-golf helped.

You said the games, like KOTOR3 and TFU3, can be made, be clear, it took
3-4 years for Battlefront to be made. It’ll probably take the same for
the games. Are you in this for the long haul? Because the Get Thrawn In
campaign is built for that.

You all don’t seem to understand that you’ll have to give concessions. If
you don’t give Lucasfilm  creative freedom, and you will go unheard for a
long time.

I’m not going to protest reading a Star Wars book. But I will write my fan
fiction/script/short story, etc. to promote and upscale it to
Smashwords, Amazon, etc.

If you want your stories — then write them. What’s to stop you? And since
they “got rid of them,” it means you can sell what you write because
technically, they threw it in the garbage. All garbage cans are trash, and all trash can be searched and used in a particular way, legally.

I’ll promote the hell out of some good fan fiction, especially if it’s about Thrawn. I’d need 3000 to 7000 words.

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