SWAG77 Speculation of Thrawn’s Age

Aside from physics, this timeline graph suggests the ages of Thrawn. For the math to make sense and given the caveats of Earth-biased-time in science fiction, Thrawn’s age is the best-case scenario in the Star Wars timeline. This timeline is an extrapolation by inference from the available literature. This timeline is only his appearance andContinue reading “SWAG77 Speculation of Thrawn’s Age”

To All Fandoms (Right Now Looking at You, Once Upon A Time): Shipping Wars are Asinine

geekygirlexperience: Dear Thrawn fandom, I’m new to you guys. I haven’t been around long. I write a dumb little fanfiction. I’m here to have fun, make friends, and reblog funny pictures of Blue Husbando. But I have noticed drama going around in the Thrawn fandom, and it’s simply not cool. Shit like that makes meContinue reading “To All Fandoms (Right Now Looking at You, Once Upon A Time): Shipping Wars are Asinine”

OOC: Legends vs Canon Promise fans, my group is not going to get into this argument with you about Legends vs Canon. To us, if you RP like we do, you need to know both. My group thinks that that kind of fandom is BULLSHIT and do not come on our feeds talking about it.Continue reading

http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/post/177049473179/audio_player_iframe/getthrawnin/tumblr_pdjgzjkibO1upakyp?audio_file=https%3A%2F%2Fswag77.files.wordpress.com%2F2014%2F11%2Fstar-wars-actors-guild-77.mp3 This podcast episode clearly explains how production of a large project on major television stations are.  To understand it, you must listen to Mr. Greg Weisman the first producer and writer for Star Wars Rebels. He’s very famous and is kind enough to speak to us. Nothing about Grand Admiral Thrawn, but the operationContinue reading

getthrawnin: Support the #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels with a heart/LIKE/Fave/+1/ThumbsUp…  If you like get one of chissexual​‘s commissioned art on a T-shirt by clicking this link. Want to know more? Listen to our podcast about this campaign. Thank you for your support.  We knew that after this video was made, we had to push ourselves to GETContinue reading