1) This group… WE… are willing to admit when we’re wrong. 

Someone brought up information about the art. Especially Chiss eye and how there are no “DARK IRISES” in the Chiss. That individual was right. And we did not know that fact. 

So looked into “Chiss eye” artwork, etc., that we never thought of to do since we’re not artists, and we discovered how they truly do appear consistently. we’ve corrected our discrepancy. Hopefully it works for you Chiss fans.

2) Which means, when you give us suggestions and anons, you really need to be specific: Which blogs, what artwork and why. You’re reasons are just as valid here. We will listen to constructive criticism. BUT it has to give us more than – “do as I say you idiot.” Please. It doesn’t help our cause.

3) What we NOTICED in our search is there aren’t many “STANDARDS” for Chiss Character Design Illustration, such as:  the Pantone colors schemes,  height, turns, schematics, additional equipment, etc. <<< GUESS WHAT? If as fans, we have to come up with that!  We cannot ask Disney Lucasfilm to do that because, well, it costs them money for an idea that they may not believe in. Which means we deliver that to them and show them what’s possible. 

That is part of what viable, feasible and profitable reasons mean.

That is why we opened up this blog to ask for fans help. 

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