The Chiss ups would be better if you shopped out facial/body hair and their pupils.

I’m not an artist. Still working on it. Please, we welcome submissions.

As far as can be seen, Chiss have red sclera and red pupils. Currently the basis of this decision is from The 501st Legion costume reference library that allows red eye contact lenses for full costume approval. So it seems in the general idea, the Chiss have sclera and pupils that are red, which are visible.

Chiss men/women have hair. But it’s blue/black. That’s harder to do. It is a work in progress. The hair cannot be another color for costume approval. Therefore either a hair coloring or wig must be used. As for the art, there is no standard other than the variations seen. More information will probably be released over time. We just don’t know and can use help.

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