#StarWars fans don’t care about fine art

If they did, they’d respond.

The idea was to show Disney Lucasfilm that GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN would have broad educational appeal through fine art appreciation.

If we could show that fans enjoy fine art appreciation, that would give us touch point leverage with Disney Lucasfilm. What corporation would say they don’t like the fine arts and to educate children?

But Disney Lucasfim has a huge market research firm that knows the Star Wars fans and has proved that they don’t like fine art.

Disney Lucasfilm was right. We were wrong. We just has to learn the hard way.

By October, all scheduled posts of fine art will cease. That part of the campaign is ineffective for fan outreach.

Therefore we cannot show the reason why THRAWN should be in STAR WARS REBELS because he can rouse STAR WARS to appreciate fine art.

Our data shows that.

You live and learn.

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