Hey, I didn’t mean anything by it- No, Nightcrawler has yellow eyes and yes his ears are pointed. He’s just what my mind jumped to first

Of course not. And we are trying to maintain accuracy here, too. Petitioning Disney Lucasfilm at this level is hard. And misperceptions of the character must be rectified.

Your pointing out to us that you see another genre’s character versus the one we want you to see tells us we cannot use that model as an example. In fact we must avoid facial hair, even though male facial hair has become fashionable again – so many celebs with beards these days. And major marketing and advertising dollars going into male grooming kits.

Does that affect out campaign? Yes. We must make this character like able to the masses for just cause to add him to the character line up for Star Wars Rebels. If he’s not likeable – good guy or bad guy – then he’s not going to be added to production.

That’s how this group operates.

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