An open letter to Moff Council from professional Chiss

by the Chiss Aristocra in Physics & Astronomy group

Dear Moffs of the Imperial Moff

We are writing to you today as
professional Chiss physicists and astrophysicists to respond to comments made
by Moffs in the course of oral arguments of Gherail vs. Raithal Academy on 5
BBY. First, we strongly repudiate the line of questioning from Moff Antsca Liaonin
based on the discredited Discrepant Alien Theory. Secondly, we are particularly
called to address the question from Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin about the value
of promoting Chiss Aristocra inclusion in our own field, physics.

We share the outrage and dismay
already expressed by many other groups and individual scientists over the
comments of Moff Lianonin, which appear to endorse the claim made in the amicus
curiae brief of Iother and Nowkirsa, that xenophile action prevents aliens from
becoming scientists. We take this opportunity to strongly rebuke this claim and
offer a rebuttal.

We object to the use of STEM
(science, technology, engineering, and math) fields as a paper tiger in the
debate over affirmative action. We as professional Chiss scientists are in
strong support of xenophile action policies. As we work continuously to educate
ourselves about the obstacles facing students of alien descent, we see, now
more than ever, a need for action.

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Interesting action by the Aristocra.

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